Living with Monsters – Jötunn: Concordantly Raw Folk

Jötunn is the second single from Living with Monsters which serves as poof of the pensive alchemic talent possessed by the two acoustic Folk artists behind the creation of the stunning release. In recent years ‘Folk’ has been adopted by every sad man with a guitar, yet the two guitarists who collectively created the rapturously decadent soundwaves have kept their style firmly rooted to folk. Which should be rather evident with the track name – for those not all too up on their Norse mythology a Jötunn is a creature which holds contrast to gods and other deities.

Mythology aside, the lyricism, sweetly soft vocal offerings and progressively, palpably upbeat melodies fuse together to create an absolute masterpiece of Acoustic Indie. If you’re not moved by Jötunn it’s safe to say you’re a little dead inside.

After listening to Jötunn I can only hope that Living with Monsters have many more skeletons in the closet that can to come to life as concordantly raw aural bliss. You can check out Living with Monsters latest single Jötunn for yourselves by heading over to Spotify; it’s not as scary as it sounds, I promise.

Review by Amelia Vandergast



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