Let sleeping dogs groove

Dog Face has taken a strange mix of lo-hi, garage rock, grumbling blues-metal, relentless back beats and bass grooves, half whispered vocals and a collection of strange peripheral sounds and mixed them all together into the bizarrely named Teddiefuckers. It’s rock for sure, but more a visceral, low end garage rock vibe than the usual conventions, seeped in belligerent, half-heard punk vocals and psyched out, post-punk clattering chaos all put to rigid back beats and a driving, anchoring bass. It wonderfully defies categorisation, it genre-hops and gene-splices strange outlawed rock sounds and it just goes about its own business not caring what anyone else thinks.

You can see what’s going on, yet the way that the parts don’t wilfully sit naturally together is not only its charm and selling point but what makes it stand out from the pack, the greatest skill here being their ability to reign everything in just enough to stop it all careering off into the abyss. And after all, anything which sounds like Thee Hypnotics having a nervous breakdown has got to be worth listening to!

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