Jacob Brody – Long Life: Taking Hip Hop to Progressive New Heights

“Long Life (You’re Annoying Me)” is the second single from up and coming recording artist Jacob Brody who takes plenty of influence from the soul of Jazz to layer into his resounding, progressive soundscapes. With Long Life, you bounce from a dreamscape style prelude to blisteringly soaring electric guitar riffs; you’re quite literally treated to it all.

And while any artist can fuse different genre elements together, there’s really no understating how hard arrested you will be by the raw power of the instrumentals behind Long Life. Jacob Brody keeps his R&B Hip Hop Pop style vocals soft while showcasing plenty of ingenuity with the vocal effects used. But as the track concludes, the instrumentals dominate the soundscape and the vocals serve to feed into the complex weaving of different layers.

You can check out Jacob Brody’s single Long Life for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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