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The Stanford Family Band – On My Holiday: A Riotously Sunlit Escapade Through the Intersections of Indie, Garage Rock, and Motown

The Stanford Family Band, following their debut ‘Love Me A Bit‘, have returned with ‘On My Holiday‘, a single that radiates with the warmth of a supernova. This track, a part of their upcoming 6-track EP ‘For Your Listening Pleasure’, is a vibrant testament to the Brighton-based band’s endlessly euphoric sonic identity.

From the first note, ‘On My Holiday’ is an immersion in a riotously colourful explosion of kaleidoscopic fervency. The vintage production, reminiscent of Ray Charles’ ‘Mess Around’, is a masterful blend of bluesy piano grooves and Beach Boys-esque harmonies. The trailblazers could never be as pedestrian as solely nodding to the past; with this release, they reimagined the aural ecstasy of a bygone era, tailored for today’s indie and garage rock enthusiasts.

Frontman Elliot Stanford’s captivating lead vocals, coupled with the band’s commitment to complex four-part harmonies and memorable melodic hooks resulted in a quirky upbeat odyssey through a bittersweet vignette, which affirmed that in the death of winter, the sun is just around the corner.

Elliot’s approach to songwriting, as he describes, is an exercise in balancing musical joy with lyrical melancholy, a juxtaposition reminiscent of the Beach Boys circa 1965. ‘On My Holiday’ is the embodiment of this philosophy, musically exuberant yet lyrically introspective.

On My Holiday was released via Goo Records on February 27th and is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

GETNER enriched the Manchester music scene with their expansively influenced Rock n Roll debut, White Walls

Manchester’s newest band of prodigal sons, GETNER, modernised vintage rock n roll tones with the shaking, rattling and rolling reverence in their debut single, White Walls.

With a rhythmic undercurrent reminiscent of The Undertones, an injection of Irish rock roots, garage-y blues rock nostalgia in the same vein as the Jim Jones Revue through the shimmering organ timbres and the barely tamed guitar riffs, White Walls is an expansively influenced Rock n Roll tour de force that asserts GETNER as one of the most promising Manchester bands on the scene.

By thriving on the unique sonic proclivities that each of the four members brought to the table, the band of superlatively talented artists ensured that White Walls hit the airwaves hard enough to bruise it. Feel the impact and be a part of GETNER’s inevitable ascent.

Stream the official music video for White Walls via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Bag of Cats ignited a firestorm of twisted genre contortions in their dance-punk hit, Devil at My Houseparty

If you never got over the disbanding of the Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster, wipe your tears with the kinetic rhythms in the seminal single from the Welsh dance-punk duo, Bag of Cats.

Devil at My Houseparty, featuring Will Griff, is a mind-mashing blend of psych, garage rock and proto-punk, all pulled together by punk-pierced guitar loops and alt-electronica synthetics that augment the anthemic track to the nines.

Between the rolling rhythms, distorted blues riffs, and caustically infectious electronic elements inspired by the likes of LCD Soundsystem and Jamie T, Devil at My Houseparty is a firestorm of twisted genre contortions that will make your pulse pound and get the adrenaline flowing.

The magnetic appeal of the duo comprising Sophie Holliday and Barney Williams doesn’t end there; lyrically and vocally, Bag of Cats, couldn’t be more ensnaring. They’ve perfected the formula of playfully roguish swagger. The mischievously jocular vibe is definitively rock n roll, just not rock n roll as you’ve known it before.

In the process of giving the Welsh music scene more than it bargained for, Bag of Cats has garnered a staunch fanbase which only seems to grow with every release and livewire performance.

Devil at My Houseparty is now available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Juniper Avenue created a seismic shift in the alt-rock landscape with their upcoming single, Lavender

If grunge ever had a clandestine rendezvous with garage rock, resulting in an offspring raised on a diet of 00s indie and the timeless essence of classic rock, then that progeny would undeniably share the same sonic DNA and unyielding spirit as “Lavender,” the latest single from North Carolina’s tempestuous pathfinders, Juniper Avenue.

This trio has already carved a niche in the hearts of their fans with their eponymous debut LP and the follow-up, “Chuck Rock.” Now, they’ve managed to encapsulate the raw, unfiltered essence of their live performances into this studio release. It’s a feat akin to capturing lightning in a bottle, with their overdriven, alchemic sound engineering transporting listeners straight to the front row of an electrifying gig.

In an era where even the most discerning music fans, those who tirelessly delve into the indie scene’s depths, find themselves craving originality, Juniper Avenue burst onto the stage with a sound revolutionary enough to ignite a new wave in the music scene. Lavender is for anyone yearning for a sound that breaks the mould, offering a fresh perspective in a landscape often plagued by the mundane.

Lavender is due for release on July 14; until then, check out their earlier releases, including the viral hit, Judy Byrd, on Spotify.

To stay up to date with the latest releases from Juniper Avenue, follow the band on Instagram.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Slip into a rock noir fever dream with Call to the Void’s latest single, Blow

South London’s Call to the Void delivered a smorgasbord of style in their synthesis of garage rock, proto-punk, post-punk, and grunge in the track they crashed onto our radar with earlier this year. Their previous release, Uncontrollable, was one thing; their latest fervid feat, Blow, is another entirely. The vice-like rhythmic grip will drag you down the shadowy rabbit hole in the rock n roll fever dream, where a séance is held with the sonic aesthetic of Jim Morrison, Cobain, and Lux Interior.

By driving innovation through the rancorously electric vintage tones between the melodic increments used to ensnare you in the jaws of their shaking, rattling, and rolling cultivated panache, there’s no getting out of Blow alive once you experience the dark rock noir atmosphere, which twists and turns on a knife edge to impale you on the spikes of innovation that proliferate this nefariously dark hit.

Blow will be available to stream on all major platforms from January 5th, following the pre-release on Bandcamp.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Call to the Void

Captain Birthday and the Undertaker seduced Lady Luck with the subversive sonics in ‘Scratch Ticket’

Scratch Ticket by Captain Birthday and the Undertaker is an audaciously infectious track that defies conventional rock iconography with its inventive fusion of genres and wildcard thematic lyricism. Just as scratch tickets symbolise unpredictability, this song embodies that same quality through its musical composition. It’s not often that the worlds of gambling and rock n’ roll intersect in such a literal sense, but this duo has taken the challenge head-on, spinning the concept into an auditory spectacle.

From the nostalgia of surf rock to pivots of electrifying rock riffs which cut through the mix, commanding attention with their raw energy to the embracing of atmospheric post-punk tension, Scratch Ticket, from the band’s eponymous debut EP, delivers all that and more to ensure each transition resonates like a new scene in a play; an unveiling of a different mask worn by the same enigmatic character.

At the heart of this song is the chemistry between Jean-Michel Letalon and Andrew Vogts, who are the creative engines behind Captain Birthday and The Undertaker. Letalon, with his rock opera sensibilities and a vocal style reminiscent of the early 2000s New York City rock scene, delivers lyrics with an intriguing blend of drama and nonchalance. Vogts, “The Undertaker,” brings his classical music expertise into the realm of hard rock with electric violin arrangements that add a layer of sophistication to the track.

Scratch Ticket becomes a metaphor for the band’s journey — a gamble on the fusion of their varied influences, betting on the listener’s willingness to embrace the unexpected. The result is a song that’s both a tribute to rock’s past and a bold step into its future.

Stream Scratch Ticket with the rest of Captain Birthday and the Undertaker’s EP via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Crux sharpened their socially conscious knife in their garage rock protest ‘Dreamseller’

For their latest ensnaring alt-rock synthesis, Dreamseller, Newcastle’s breakthrough act, Crux, took a break from touring the Seattle sound through mutative prog-rock instrumental arrangements and left plenty of room to explore garage rock nuances, noted through The Strokes-esque vocal delivery which adds an element of precariousness to the deadpan croons Alex Turner wishes he could execute with such devil may care finesse.

As the basslines stab and roll through the electrifyingly vintage production, the angular guitar lines carve through the atmosphere and the percussion consistently works to the singular aim of adding an element of tension to the single that will pull you back in time after time. The magnetism within the refreshing distinction and creative confidence which sees the release swathed in swagger is far too addictive to quit.

Since emerging in 2019, Crux’s name has become synonymous with their fiercely uncompromising style and their ability to sharpen their grungy prog-rock signature with a socially conscious edge. With Dreamseller, the outfit revamped their sound and scathed at the commodification of musicians and the industry which sees no value within art, unless it can be exploited at the expense of the artist.

Dreamseller was officially released on November 24; stream it on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Coyote Fire came in electrifyingly hot in their garage rock revival ‘Klepto’

Coyote Fire

Coyote Fire will steal the show with their latest electrifyingly hot garage rock revival, Klepto. Fuelled with the noisy nuances of grunge and reverent to the insurgency of rock n roll, the Chicago fourpiece became the sum of all parts while ticking every conceivable garage rock box with their ferociously infectious track that puts the devil on your shoulder and compels you to fall in line with the kleptomaniac tendency of the lyrical protagonist who makes no apologies before taking what they want. Starting with the track with a voice of contempt in the medium of a voicemail, the tongue in maniacal cheek energy doesn’t hang around before asserting itself in the riled with raucous flavour single.

The ensemble’s roots trace back to the former band of Louie Kertgen and Miguel Contreras, Yard Sale, which couldn’t endure the loss of their leading voice, Jimmy Dooley, who passed away in 2018. As the calendar pages turned, Louie and Miguel’s paths diverged, only to be rekindled when Louie traded his drumsticks for guitar strings, finding solace in six strings and a new beginning.

The spark reawakened; Louie dialled Miguel’s number with a proposition that set the stage for rebirth. They coaxed Austin Yurasek into the metamorphosis from guitarist to bassist, and his conviction to the cause was absolute, “The vision was clear, the purpose was calling, and I was all in,” he affirmed after the pitch of the idea. Yet, their symphony lacked its final note—a drummer. Enter Victor Aguirre, the percussive wizard whose hands could converse with any rhythm. Louie, through a twist of fate and a friend’s recommendation, sent Victor some rough cuts. Victor heard the call, and like a moth to a flame, was enchanted by the vision.

Coyote Fire isn’t about the vanity of uniqueness, the complexity of sound, or the chase for flawless execution. Their creed is to forge a visceral bond with their audience. If the crowd’s pulse matches the beat of their music, their mission is accomplished. They aim to weave an intimate tapestry of emotion, attitude, and raw power. Influenced by the likes of Jack White and The Black Keys, Louie adopted a philosophy where music serves as a bridge to the soul, a raw yet simple channel to convey their stories, and a performance that teleports the listener into the band’s collective consciousness.

Klepto will be officially released on November 15; stream it on Bandcamp and Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Drink the sonic Kool-Aid in Max Diaz’s twangy alt-punk Tour De Force, COWBOY CULT

The cowboy-hating Texan Max Diaz brought his seminal single, COWBOY CULT, to life via swathes of sardonic vitriol, potent enough to make every punky take on garage rock by Fidlar sound like a love letter to the universe.

While the instrumentals weave their way through bluesy entanglements, Diaz uses every lyrical line to roll with the punches in his heavyweight canter; even if you’ve never pulled on a pair of cowboy boots in your life, you will feel every drop of vindicating venom projected by the artist’s devil may care disdain towards his fellow Texans.

You’d think all of the controversy of his Machiavellian attacks on the people surrounding him who are hellbent on seeing the regression of social progress would leave him unpopular, but the streaming stats don’t lie. After racking up millions of streams on several of his tracks, he’s the pissed-off prince that wasn’t promised but rose through the ashes of redneck numbskullery regardless. We fucking adore him.

COWBOY CULT was released with the rest of the artist’s sophomore LP, METANOIA on October 13th; do yourselves a favour and stream the entire Tour De Force in full via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Black Smoker shake, rattle and roll through their raucous and raw garage rock debut, Dissolution

With all the sonic swag of Eagles of Death Metal and psychedelic garage rock kicks of King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard, the debut raucous and raw with distortion single, Dissolution, from the Washington-based five-piece, Black Smoker, is a frenetic hair-raiser that could easily lead a crowd into sharing the same furore that unfurls like smoke from a loaded gun from the riffs.

It is only a matter of time before the outfit stops reigning supreme in dive bars and takes its sound to bigger arenas; God knows that their maniacally wild hits could fill them. After banding together in 2017 and dominating the live circuit, they’ve got their blackened hearts set on making digital platforms their dominion. You may as well submit to their supremacy now before they assert it with even more force in their sophomore release.

Dissolution dropped on October 10th; stream it on all major platforms via this link.

Review by Amelia Vandergast