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Robin Day – Come Down to Party: Garage Rock Returns to its Raw Roots

Will we ever tire of that gritty, raw edge of Garage Rock? Probably not, in an industry which sees plasticity hand in hand with production, having a Lo-Fi fuzzy reverberant track to slip into is always going to be a bracing aural experience.

Up and coming artist’s debut single “Come Down to Party” serves as a reminder about everything we once loved about the visceral slightly filthy aspect of Rock through the instrumental arrangement and effects. Yet, when it comes to the vocals, the Amsterdam-based singer songwriter keeps the delivery inviting and infinitely accessible. Come Down to Party proves that there’s plenty of potential in the artist’s talent and ability, but it was easy to feel that a key distinctive element was missing which could help to ensure that once you’ve heard a track from Robin Day, you’re not likely to forget.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Dagger Hearts Release their Salaciously Gritty Debut Single “Slow Down”

“Slow Down” is the gritty, raw, and eerily magnetic debut single from the up and coming Garage Rock powerhouse collective Dagger Hearts.

Naturally, the single kicks off with excessive amounts of reverberant distortion before leading you through the instrumental segments which are sure to enamour any fans of Queens of the Stone Age, the Strokes, and the Kinks. The vocals behind the track showed a dynamic range from deep baritone Nick Cave-style to a complete lack of restraint, but with each seamless progression of the sound the synergy is not lost. The production on may have been left on the fuzzy side for Slow Down, but there’s no disputing that it’s a solid Alt Rock anthem.

So, if you are looking for some slightly filthy Garage Rock, you can check out the debut single from the Dagger Hearts for yourselves by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Paddy James Revives Rhythm with His Latest Garage Rock Single “Dead Ringer”

Fans of the Black Keys, the Cramps, and Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds can prepare to be enamoured by Paddy James’ single “Dead Ringer”. By using sultrily snaking Rock n’ Roll guitar progressions the single is fuelled by hypnotic and slightly filthy rhythm.

In contrast to the salacity of the tight instrumental arrangement, the London-based artist keeps his vocals clean and charismatic. With the vocals bringing the accessibility, and the rhythm of the single bringing the catchy hooks Dead Ringer is a track which you won’t forget until long after it has faded out. You can expect more than just an assimilation of archaic sound with the unique energy which Paddy James brings to the table through tracks such as Dead Ringer. Think along the lines of mischievous folkish melancholy and you’ll get a good idea of how distinctive Paddy James is as an artist.

You can check out Paddy James’ latest single Dead Ringer for yourselves by heading over to Soundcloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


MBG – Make My Day: DIY Garage Rock at its Finest

It’s not hard to find a myriad of reasons to become instantly enamoured by MBG’s debut Rock single “Make My Day” when you hit play. The choruses are catchy, the verses are strong, and the vocals are magnetically velvety. But appreciating that the single was the work of just one person in their bedroom studio allows you to see that Leena may just be the prodigal daughter of DIY Rock.

As a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, vocalist and producer Leena was able to pull Make My Day together just how she envisioned. As a result, you’re treated to a tight and softly synergetic single which finds the perfect balance between energetic anthemics and melody. The production quality of the single was flawless; the soaring riffs ring clear, and her vocals sit well enough above the reverb which spills from the guitar.

You can check out Make My Day by MBG for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Make sure to give her a follow, her upcoming EP is due to drop soon, and if Make My Day is anything to go by, you won’t want to miss it

Review by Amelia Vandergast


The New Shoes – Little Racket: A Raucous Revival of 60s Pop & Garage Rock

Even though the instrumentals behind The New Shoes latest single “Little Racket” wouldn’t sound out of place in a track by the Clash or the Sex Pistols, the up and coming Punk powerhouse incorporated the archaic punk undertones and reinvented them in a new raucously electric soundscape. The magnetically expressive vocal style also adds to the immersivity of the single, the amount of energy which the New Shoes vocalist poured into the vocals is palpable right the way through the short and punchy single.

With the inventive use of 60s Pop melodies mixed with crunching Garage Rock riffs its easy to see why they have gained so much attention as they’ve torn through the UK underground scene. If you’re looking for your next anthemically filthy earworm, look no further than The New Shoes and the high-octane energy which they poured into Little Racket along with their debut self-titled EP.

You can check out the latest single by the New Shoes by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


The Renadeans – Coming Home Again: Melancholically Euphoric Garage Rock

The Renadeans dropped their single Coming Home Again on July 27th, 2018. Any fans of explosively emotive Garage Rock will be in heaven with the palpably pensive progression of the track. As a massive Fidlar fan it was hard not to draw reminiscence between the two bands, yet, The Renadeans came up on top with their intricately electric, angular guitar riffs and nostalgically raw Rock n Roll vocals. There are very few emerging artists around today who can muster that much aural energy to put behind their soundscapes. They may have kept their production on the Lo Fi end of the scale, yet the Renadeans are more than worthy of some space on the radio waves.

You can stream and download the Renadeans single from their latest album Taking 5 by heading over to BandCamp now. Each of the 12 tracks on the album carry their own dizzying weight of raucous attitude which proves that the Norwich, UK based powerhouse are more than serious contenders in the underground Alt Rock scene.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Let sleeping dogs groove

Dog Face has taken a strange mix of lo-hi, garage rock, grumbling blues-metal, relentless back beats and bass grooves, half whispered vocals and a collection of strange peripheral sounds and mixed them all together into the bizarrely named Teddiefuckers. It’s rock for sure, but more a visceral, low end garage rock vibe than the usual conventions, seeped in belligerent, half-heard punk vocals and psyched out, post-punk clattering chaos all put to rigid back beats and a driving, anchoring bass. It wonderfully defies categorisation, it genre-hops and gene-splices strange outlawed rock sounds and it just goes about its own business not caring what anyone else thinks.

You can see what’s going on, yet the way that the parts don’t wilfully sit naturally together is not only its charm and selling point but what makes it stand out from the pack, the greatest skill here being their ability to reign everything in just enough to stop it all careering off into the abyss. And after all, anything which sounds like Thee Hypnotics having a nervous breakdown has got to be worth listening to!


Max Goedecke – Newspeak Album Review: Punchy 80’s Inspired Garage Rock

Well, I can honestly say I’ve never heard an album like Max Goedecke’s latest album Newspeak. It has the same haunting euphoric effect as Post Punk bands such as Echo and the Bunny Men with the soaring Classic Rock riffs of the iconic 80’s acts such as Tom Petty, and Neil Young. Yet, the styling is nothing but contemporary. There’s almost infinite diversity written into each of the 10 tracks from his debut album, each of the tracks flows with its own brand of veracity, from punchy Garage Rock to rhythmically Blues Rock.

The Cologne based artist, proved his talent as a multi-instrumentalist on perhaps one of my favourite tracks off the album ‘Meant to Be’ which takes you right back to the 80’s Throughout the album I couldn’t quite get over the slight (amazing) reminiscence between Goendecke’s vocals to Alt Rock artist Jack White which is most obvious in the second track on the album ‘Slowly to Sink’, until he breaks into the more predictable raucously cacophonic Rock vocals.

If you’re looking for a pioneeringly playful new album you can check out Max Goedecke’s 2018 album Newspeak on Spotify now

Review by Amelia Vandergast


The Cheeky Bastards EP Review: Rhythmically Distorted Organic Garage Rock

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t expecting a lot from a band named the Cheeky Bastards. Some abrasively out of tune Punk played by musicians that would always be trying to ‘borrow a cig’ at best. Yet, as soon as I hit play on the first track to the Cheeky Bastards 2017 self-titled EP ‘Seine’, my prejudices were blown out of the water and I was doused in the London, UK based duo’s filthy riffs and quite frankly sexy rhythmic licks. Whilst there is a hint of the revivalist sound riddled into their unfathomably glorious style, their Alt Rock mix of sounds are as organic as they get. Their textured sound switches from furiously distorted Garage Rock to more laid-back Blues Rock within their debut album. Tracks such as ‘Trouble Maker’ show that the Cheeky Bastards have a soft side after all (there’s a sentence I never thought I’d have to write). ‘Trouble Maker’ was the type of track you’d expect Rock fans to hold up a lighter to during a live performance and was by far the best track to conclude the EP with. Now I’m left insatiable for the Cheeky Bastards next releases.

You can check out The Cheeky Bastards debut 4 track EP on Spotify, fans of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, the Cramps, Eighties Matchbox B Line Disaster and Super Furry Animals won’t want to miss out on their raucously sharp rhythmic fury.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Midwestern Dirt single “Lights & Shapes” has the grit of garage rock

Midwestern Dirt is a driven indie rock band whose music falls under a broad spectrum of genres. Their single “Lights & Shapes” has the grit of garage rock and the melodies of post-punk, echoing the work of artists such as The Pixies, Slowdive or Sonic Youth.

The lead vocals are romantic and hazy, almost reminding me of a young Thurston Moore, singing over an upbeat, yet somewhat romantic melody.

What I really like about this single is the fact that there is a huge dynamic contrast between the verses and the choruses: The song takes a step back, allowing the gritty guitars to clean up and the drums to take it a little easier, going for a full and rich sound. On the other hand, the song truly breaks up, bringing a lot of energy to this mix.

The track, taken from the band’s full-length release “Amendments”, is a great example of this group’s sonic formula.

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