Less Is More, More Or Less

At a point where music bleeds into pure emotion, where sound becomes atmosphere, where songs are as much about sonic structure and lyrical message and more about painting washed out, emotive musical colours you find the music of the enigmatically named SM. Those who like labels might toy with acoustic dream-folk, cinematic soundscaping, ambient pop and a whole host of irrelevant labels, irrelevant because this is music so unique, so of its self, that whatever clever and convoluted label you could come up would only ever be needed to encapsulate this one unique artist, so what’s the point?

Try evokes 60’s baroque pop and modern anti-folk and everything in between, it revels in lo-fi charm and drifts rather than is delivered. SM uses sounds in the way that watercolour painters use colour, sparingly, gently blending one musical hue with another, merging them together often by washing them out and just as often leaving space so that a blank canvas of atmosphere and expectation sits in their place.

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