LEDA – Not a Love Song: Sonorously Sultry Synth Pop

Standing out in the contemporary Synth Pop genre is no easy feat. Yet, when we checked out LEDA’s latest single “Not a Love Song” it was instantaneously evident that she’s not just assimilating former soundscapes. She has her own sonorously sultry approach, and she’s running with it.

As the layers of reverb from the synth accompany acoustic instruments and digital effect a resounding, melodically paced work of aural alchemy was born. But is it a love song? Absolutely not.
the up and coming artist’s lyricism was able to paint a narrative of empowered solidarity which stood as testament to LEDA’s lyrical maturity. Her strength and command over tonality didn’t fail to register when it came to LEDA’s vocals either.

You can check out LEDA’s single Not a Love Song for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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