Michele showcases her elegance on the beautiful journey ‘Mirage’


Singer-songwriter Michele showcases her elegance on the beautiful journey that fills the room with intrigue on ‘Mirage‘.

A variety of music styles is the feel here with with Michele’s signature dreamy-depressing indie-pop filled with wonderful vocals. This singer is a huge fan of mirrors and shadows, her music drifts into your ears and grabs you by the lobes. You feel a sense of warmth and slight sadness at the same time. You move your body to this graceful artist and her amazing artwork.

This is a music soundtrack to a movie surely. The wonderful violin picks me up and I feel like I am on clouds right now. The music and vocals combine to heat all senses.  I like the harmony and vision from the track as I wonder when I can see this  beauty live.

A love ballad that is so unique, the Dubai-based singer brings a full orchestral string team to help her find the lost lover that she wants so badly. The world is strange now and she wants to feel safe.

Mirage‘ is a fascinating effort from the wonderful Michele and she treats us with this fine release in 2020.

Click here for the Soundcloud.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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