Leather Apron Revival – One of These Days: Rhythmically Gritty Blues

Leather Apron Revival may hail from a small town, but their music is anything but a reflection of their satellite geographical location. The up and coming artist has recently released their debut self-titled EP, while each of the tracks has plenty of rhythmic Blues grit to offer, the best introduction to their sonic sound is the standout single “One of These Days”.

With hints of The Black Keys, the Raconteurs, and Chris Cornell snaking through the rhythms of One of These Days, it’s impossible not to surrender to the authenticity of the soundscape which throws you back to a time when Rock still came with blistering riffs, and vocals were more than a little bit sexy.

The wails of the organ are also extremely efficacious when it comes to amplifying the hypnotic Jim Jones effect of One of These Days, which is by no exaggeration one of the strongest tracks I’ve heard from a breaking artist this year.

You can check out One of These Days along with the rest of the debut EP from Leather Apron Revival by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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