LA-based Rap Artist Kéta Releases Her Latest Raw & Relatably Honest Single “Relapse”

For years, I’ve looked up to the like of Peaches and other female Rap artists who make absolutely no bones about laying down their raw and candid lyrics through the intention of making an honest and inspirational connection with the listener. While Rap may not be a genre which you see women at the forefront of a lot, breaking artist Kéta proves that she is more than deserving of a place at the top of the charts with her unapologetically empowering latest single “Relapse”.

Even when the Rap versing switches to harmonious vocals in the chorus, the dominant vocal strength remains arrestive, and the track becomes even more resonant through the sentiment of the single which follows the narrative of a relapse. Kéta has harnessed her relatable rage and applied her evident lyrical ingenuity to create a standout single which will undoubtedly be the reason she becomes the role model of plenty more women. She’s not trying to be the perfect picture of femininity, instead, she’s using her feminine strength and creating soundscapes to leave her male counterparts audibly quaking.

You can check out Kéta’s latest single Relapse for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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