Brizz – Welcome To Reality: A Double Edge Rap Enigma

We’ve constantly being poked to make believe that really, music is indeed the universal language of the soul, a work of art, and to some; the only true religion.

The therapeutic power of music was once again felt in this song. Brizz sure knows how to drop it like it’s hot. Just like in a chimney in a chilled inebriated porch house, this song gave hell enough heat for a buzz.

The diminuendo that crisped the first seconds of this track is alluring with its resonating tempo that simultaneously rises and drop at the specific Interval.

Most times, those hit songs that waltz their way up to sit right on top of the music chart aren’t much of a drudge or a cold piece of log but rather they are songs whom the artist that sculptured the fine piece of art relishes in the confine of his calm to crack his own sense of purpose and creativity. Such is the case with Brizz’s “Welcome to reality”.

The hook of the song has such a great power dynamics that preaches relentlessly on letting nobody define your path or have you wading on what could-have-been due to wrong life decision. The rapper took us on a nice journey with his music.

The style of  rap and soothing vocals are the impressive qualities that equipped the artist with the firearms he used to create a symphony that totally belongs to him.

This music is good and it will definitely worth your time. Be sure to check it out.

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