#lafemmebear- DBlaqR 2018: Soul House Hip Hop

Nothing about this track compelled me to expect an archetypal serving of Hip Hop, not the name of the artist, not the track title, and not the fact it is a Soul House Hip Hop mix about the Dance Blaq Revolution. And #lafemmebear’s latest drop “DBlaqR 2018” certainly didn’t disappoint in terms of eccentricity.

With a sermon around a thudding bassline serving as a prelude which seamlessly flows into the Trap bridges only before breaking into a Funk Disco mix the progressive twists of the track didn’t leave enough time to tire of the constantly evolving sound. The versing in DBlaqR 2018, it’s entirely possible that you’ll get out of breath as you listen to the relentlessly fast rhythm. The single may not make for easy listening, but, if you’re looking for fire in your Hip Hop, look no further than the mix from the Oakland, US-based artist.

You can check out #lafemmebear’s latest drop DBlaqR 2018 by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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