Kjell – G.M.A: Ominously Exposing Dark Alt Rock

Mash up Iggy Pop and the Black Keys, and you might get a soundscape as transfixing as Alt Rock artist Kjell’s single G.M.A. It’s ominous, it’s indulgent, and the instrumental arrangements alone will provide you with a striking amount of imagery.

The dark and murky layers of reverb-soaked guitars set the perfect tone for Kjell’s vocals which are tasked with versing lyrics that are as exposing and sobering as Richey wrote for the Manic Street Preacher’s album Holy Bible. And that’s definitely not a comparison I make likely. All reminiscence aside, it is the raw, organic nature of G.M.A. which will leave a long-lasting impression.

Within the extended 5-minute duration of the single Kjell ensures there’s plenty of progression to keep you arrested in the constantly evolving yet perpetually gritty single.

You can check out G.M.A along with the rest of the single from Kjell’s prodigally compelling second album Bag of Bones for yourselves by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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