King Nick Rob, Benny Rothstein and Valtek bring the party in ”Tick Tock”

You are into her after you first meet her and love it when she dances. It’s all you can think about. You refuse to let her change you however and their might be conflict on the way but today isn’t the day to talk about that.

King Nick Rob, Benny Rothstein and Valtek have one thing on their minds in this song and the beat is quite sexy too. This is a summer R&B song that will be boosted by high volume by the swimming pools and clubs. The theme is party all day and night with easy to follow lyrics.

NYC native King Nick Rob has put together quite a team here and ”Tick Tock” all about having fun and not worrying about too much. This is the start of more R&B party songs that will all be competing with each other on the airwaves.

Stream on Soundcloud to hear this new party love song.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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