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‘Our Numbered Days’ album review: The incomparable multi-talented Queens musician Lauren Kidd drops her incredible debut full album release that finds her dealing with the final stages of grief

Our Numbered Days‘ from the Queens singer-songwriter Lauren Kidd is her debut full album release and this was certainly worth the wait. We find a musician who knows herself now deep inside and is flourishing with each passing moment.

Lauren Kidd is a New York City-based writer, singer-songwriter, dreamer and ever-evolving creative who has her eyes set for the stars above and nothing less. When you set big goals, sometimes you fall down and scratch yourself, but its how you pick yourself up, that truly counts long-term.

After reviewing her excellent lead single ‘I Want It To Be You‘ recently which is now track eight, we are treated to the full experience which more than lives up to expectations.

You feel a weight lifted off your tired shoulders when you turn on this concept record and you know you are in safe hands.

With ‘Make You Smile’, there is a happy energy that is pushed through and the overwhelming feeling is that she is looking for that love again and just wants a chance to show that is ready again. The Pop pureness is such a blessing on the ear and the melodic rhythm is a welcome addition to a wild year.

Other highlights are, and there are so many, are definitely ‘Our Numbered Days‘ as this should be the theme of 2020. The days are so short and who knows what tomorrow will bring so we need that special feeling now, to get that love rush back into our veins.

Still‘ is such a gorgeous delivery and the hard hitting beat just makes it so much better. This is the chronicle of how you want them so badly when they aren’t around and the haunting vocals fills your soul. I imagine this to be a future music video for Lauren.

Ours‘ is a song my mind wandered far away on. I got lost in the track and reminisced about previous relationships and those happy memories and what went right. The sadness of losing someone to a breakup hurts hard and it can consume you but you have to keep those good times locked away and never forget them.

They say that class is permanent and this is absolutely true on this occasion. Lauren is such a talented musician who puts in the extra hard work to make her stand out and doesn’t expect any freebies. Its this type of attitude that will see her go far in the music world as that is what it takes to be the best at what you do. A lot of friends won’t understand and there will be some lonely nights but if you want it bad enough, you gotta go and get it. Its your life after all and you walk the road that choose, not anyone else.

Lauren Kidd’s Our Numbered Days‘ is one of the best releases of 2020 due to the meaningful lyrics, her excellent vocal projection and with her determined mindset, she is an example for others on how to do things with your music career. There are no fillers on this album, nothing you can skip, and this is so rare these days in a ‘quick and forget’ society where it’s easy to be forgotten.

If she can stay focused and keep on having a small but loyal team around her that always has her back, Lauren can go wherever she wants to go with her music. Form is temporary but class remains forever and with a secret track inside, this is an album that will inspire so many and warm their hearts.

Stream the new album on Spotify and see her adventures on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

NYC band Lower Power are fully-charged on ‘All About Me’

Lower Power charge in with the politically aware new Rock banger called ‘All About Me‘.

New York City band Lower Power rages with fire and self-confessed wild and honest abandon. They speak on the important topics that usually get brushed under the carpet. Issues like gun violence, mental health, war, status of women, the rise to power of evil people that take over with their greedy style are all mentioned here. This is a video that cuts into the real problems that modern day society face, both in the USA and the world.

The story goes that the band came together when Pat met Jon and Ben playing at an 80’s Karaoke gig. Singing at the top of the lungs I’m sure as they are all passionate music fans, first and foremost. Pat asked them if they’d like to play in a punk rock band. they said yes. Pat met Konrad at a bar where he was playing a country gig and asked him if he wanted to play in a punk band. He said yes and the rest as they say, is history. They had two 2 hour rehearsals a month apart. The band went into Konrad’s and recorded the basic tracks in just 4 hours. This shows how energetic the band is and they wanted their music out there as soon as possible to spread their message, far and wide.

Lower Power rock out with the best intentions on their new single ‘All About Me‘. Their video and song strikes a topic that we all need to be aware about.

Click here for the YouTube.

Head through to the Bandcamp to support.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Sick, Tired & Done from Jazzmensoul is the story of suffering and the time is now for change

Sick, Tired & Done‘ from Jazzmensoul is the story of suffering and the time is now for change in the USA with all the terrific losses of life due to the police. This is a message that hits home.

The message here is: ”This song is born out of a consistency of brutal contempt for the lives of people of color by a nation that we have built and fought in numerous wars for, while under duress”.

Jazzmensoul and his team have sent through a deep song here that is so well-needed in this shocking time. Too many people of color have lots their lives and the lies have finally caught up to the small-minded authorities out there. Of course there are police that do a great job but for too long, deaths have occurred due to lack of care. Going overboard with petty arrests and hurting people that causes death, must end.

Sick, Tired & Done‘ from Jazzmensoul, PahPah Mike, Christopher Lowry, Gene Torres, Camille Gainer Jones, Gordon Jones and Kevin Blackler is such a vital song to spread this vital message. People are sick and tired and hopefully this cause is successful. The sooner the better.

Click here for the YouTube page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

King Nick Rob, Benny Rothstein and Valtek bring the party in ”Tick Tock”

You are into her after you first meet her and love it when she dances. It’s all you can think about. You refuse to let her change you however and their might be conflict on the way but today isn’t the day to talk about that.

King Nick Rob, Benny Rothstein and Valtek have one thing on their minds in this song and the beat is quite sexy too. This is a summer R&B song that will be boosted by high volume by the swimming pools and clubs. The theme is party all day and night with easy to follow lyrics.

NYC native King Nick Rob has put together quite a team here and ”Tick Tock” all about having fun and not worrying about too much. This is the start of more R&B party songs that will all be competing with each other on the airwaves.

Stream on Soundcloud to hear this new party love song.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Rob Benny – Speak: Accordantly Arrestive Folk Pop

NYC Singer-songwriter and instrumentalist Rob Benny released their latest resonantly raw single “Speak” on May 13th. Anyone who appreciates soundscapes which ooze nostalgic appeal whilst simultaneously leaving you excited over finding fresh new talent won’t want to hang around hitting play.

It’s simple, it’s understated, yet, at the same time, it’s emotionally striking to the point where it feels like you’re battling with the melodies while they’re attempting to ensure that you don’t get to the outro dry-eyed.

With a similar lyrical style to Waits, Cohen and Elliott Smith, there’s a candid honesty to Speak. Hearing Rob Benny open up his soul leaves you feeling compelled to follow suit.

You can check out Speak for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

NYC Alt-Rockers Heavenly Faded power in with ”CTRL”

There is a sense of awaking for this young band from New York City, USA. They realize that the momentum is on their side as they want to be in control of their music career. Sadly 2020 has ruined that festival and concert wise. However, when it comes to releasing music and getting it out to their fans, this is the time.

Heavenly Faded take us into their band room with their new single ”CTRL”. This is a plea for some soul saving as the music game can get a bit crazy sometimes. I feel like the band saved themselves a bit for this one. When they are playing live I bet it will be a bit more fast paced and still with that strong guitar riff and excellent drumming. This New York band are making quite the name for themselves after a few big gigs before COVID-19.

This is the follow up to the punchy ”Constellations”, the band’s most popular song so far. A band on the rise and surely itching to get back up on stage to break some guitars and blow a few speakers.

Stream the new song from this powerful New York City band right here on their Soundcloud page and get more rock in your life.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Neil Friedlander saunters in barefoot with chilled and peaceful single ”Kindness”

With sounds of the beautiful ocean illuminating in the sunny background, I imagine Neil Friedlander to be walking the earth without any shoes on. This is a majestic man, truly at one with nature while he crafts chilled and beautiful music. ”Kindness” is the next single to be released from 2020’s ”Love Is a Ripple on a Lake” and this is peaceful tranquility at it’s most purest form and the way music should be created.

Alternating between Brooklyn, New York and Jerusalem in Israel, Neil Friedlander makes star touching Indie music that makes you feel all warm inside your heart. This is an artist on a journey of self-discovery and his peaceful nature as a friendly guide in this harsh world, is tremendously appreciated by all of his loyal listeners.

Kindness” is a reflective song, about finding ones purpose. This album is dedicated to anyone who has forgotten something they would like to remember and this song follows in the same path. What is it you would like to remember? Being kind is something that is too often looked at as a debilitating weakness when in fact, it is a quiet strength. I love the concept behind the message and Neil Friedlander’s softly spoken voice that implores you to listen, without actually asking.

Hear the song right here on Neil’s Spotify page.

Review by Llewelyn Screen

Nicholas Dante – Enemy: A Pop Act That Doesn’t Need to Be A Guilty Pleasure

Who doesn’t love a bit of deep & dirty Pop?

God knows there’s not much of it about these days, thankfully New York based Pop artist Nicholas Dante has mastered the art of generating pounding beats that just about everyone can get behind, wherever you are, in the club or in your car, the beat is infectious, and his expression is truly a pleasure to revel in.

Enemy is a synergetic synth pop mixed, bursting with basslines that make this track a cut above the rest, the perfect remedy for those winter blues, the drops in the track are almost surreal

You can taste the feverous passion behind his vocal delivery in his latest track, which has come off his brand-new album Echoic. Whilst his vocal range isn’t spectacular, and the lyrics aren’t that adventurous, Dante still managed to pull of a blinder of a track. He’s definitely achieved his mission of putting out music worth listening to by combining elements of 80’s Synth Pop with a contemporary resounding sound with dance elements.

Check out Enemy along with the rest of Dante’s tracks via the Soundcloud link below: