Keeana Kee releases her latest exotic soul-drenched floor-filler “Shoot Me Up”

If you’ve not already been acquainted with up and coming artist Keeana Kee’s unique mix of Spanish influenced Soul Pop, her latest single “Shoot Me Up” is the perfect introduction to her rhythmically organic sound.

If you’re looking for a danceable vibrant floor-filler, look no further than the exotic arrestive euphoria found in Shoot Me Up. There aren’t all too many artists bold enough to go as salacious as Keeana Kee went with Shoot Me Up. That daring approach to her sound can be found everywhere from the lyrics to the beats. So, there’s little room to wonder why Keeana Kee has been able to amass such an eager following with her sultry vocals and ability to create a unique new evolution of Pop.

You can check out Keeana Kee’s single Shoot Me Up for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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