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Me and You: Loving couple Jarred AllStar and Davina show us into the romance with ‘God Did It’

With their much-awaited new album ”#CATCHTHESEHAYNES” coming on Valentine’s Day 2022, Jarred AllStar and Davina show us how they have remained strong despite all the ups and downs of life with ‘God Did It‘.

Christian RnB/hip-hop husband and wife duo and music producers Jarred AllStar and Davina have joined forces here on a delightful track that shows you how close they are and guide us in the path to letting your faith build up your love for your partner.

As the catchy sounds of the single “I Do” provide an endearing melody to a timeless wedding song, The Newlyweds takes us on an introspective ride of the joys of engagement and Love laced with the essence of Hip Hop.” ~ Jarred AllStar and Davina

As they remind us to be thankful that you could find someone who loves you for who you are, Jarred AllStar and Davina are quite electrifying on this uplifting single that might wash all your previous worries away like they weren’t there, to begin with.

God Did It‘ from the husband and wife team Jarred AllStar and Davina, is a quite splendid single that shows us into all the moments that make a romance worth it in the end. It was a long path to get to this moment and you both feel grateful, that you found each other when there are so many different roads you could have gone down.

Sometimes when the timing is right, everything just flows so naturally like it was meant to be.

Listen to this loving single on Spotify and see more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

How Can I Develop Further as An Artist?

It may sound a little cliché, but each artist is their own journey of discovery. For some, the roadblocks will seem impassable at the first hurdle; for others, there will be a little engine trouble down the line that means some fine-tuning is needed.

With that said, experienced A&R reps and artist development executives have a wealth of experience behind them; checking in with them is often the best way to ensure smooth sailing. Below, we have curated some of our best tips for artist development success.

Four industry-approved tips on how to develop your style as an artist

  1. Grab a Slice of Humble Pie

If we had a pound for every time that we received a submission from an artist claiming to be a genius, a prodigy, or someone that can take a whole audience’s breath away with just one vocal note, we’d probably be richer than Elon Musk. More often than not, the aural bark doesn’t match the bite.

The point is, many artists can get wrapped up in the idea that they’re the next big thing in any given genre once their career starts gaining traction. When it comes to a downtick in acclaim, it is no wonder that it can feel like a nosedive into career suicide for some. The trick is to stay humble. Recognise that there is always room for development in your creative abilities and your brand identity.

  1. Work with the Best Producers

Producers can make or break a record. Usually, they do the former. Every artist starts with an idea of what the final product should sound like when they enter a studio. If your production team deviate from the aural dream, don’t be quick to reject their idea. Now, we’re talking about *real* music producers here, the ones with years of studio experience behind them, not beatmakers that are found on YouTube. If you’re working with one of those, we’d highly recommend investing in a producer with some level of respect in the genre – they don’t always have to cost the earth.

  1. Invest in Artist Development Services

Music artist development services help to solidify and spotlight an artist’s brand. The reputation of artist development companies depends on their ability to guide musicians in the right direction. After all, an artist development company is only as attractive as their most successful campaign.

The award-winning artist development team at A&R Factory have launched many successful campaigns that increase the fans, followers and reach of artists. This is done through advising artists where to spend their money in relation to production and marketing and getting artists playlist spots and features in popular publications.

  1. Find Your Signature Sound

When asking yourself how you want to develop your style as an artist, are you striving for commercial success or the ability to be a better artist and songwriter? If you’re fixated on maximising your commercial potential, you will overlook one of the most valuable tools at your disposal; autonomy.

If David Bowie, Frank Zappa, Prince and Nirvana stayed inside the popularly coloured lines, would they have made it to the heights they did? Probably not. Those artists stirred something within their wide fanbases by disrupting the status quo – not the band – and finding something powerful and expressive within themselves. Why be Megadeath when you could be Metallica; why be Greta Van Fleet when you can be Led Zeppelin – you get the idea.

I Want More: Kohzee patiently awaits that sensual signal to love again on ‘Like Sunshine On My Skin’

As they quickly brush off the romantic feelings into the cold breeze but miss how warm and loving it felt almost immediately, Kohzee vividly daydream about that special someone who is all they really want in a partner, but know that getting attached will only cause more heartbreak on ‘Like Sunshine On My Skin‘.

Kohzee is a fresh London/Brighton-based hip-hop trio and music producer team who combine elements of jazzy treats into their wonderfully catchy creations, via their cozy hidden home studio attic.

Rapped compellingly with a groovy vibe that easily gets the absorbed speakers uptempo and certainly alive, you sense their electric-blanket style which keeps you warm and thinking about if you will ever see your cute crush again. With intriguing vocals and a catchy beat, this is a really soothing track which is relevant during these lonely days and has you feeling that extra introspective about your own love life.

Like Sunshine On My Skin‘ from the emerging London/Brighton hip-hop/jazz trio Kohzee, is that quick recall of the sparked-filled feeling which is the moment you wouldn’t mind coming back. You try and tell yourself that its not a big deal but it actually is – as you definitely desire that tender touch again – and can’t get it out of your mind. Those cold nights only make it worse, as you wonder if they will ever come back into your life.

Hear this new track on Spotify and see more news via the IG music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Somewhere Far Away: Ivy Eye are simply excellent on nostalgic 2nd single ‘Make My Way Out’ (To The Sun)

With their dark sunglasses hidden slyly under their stylish space helmets with a ciggie or three waiting to be lit when they reach the optimum height up above, Ivy Eye skillfully shatter all preconceived ideas on how modern music should sound on their follow up to the massive worldwide debut hit ‘Peace of Mind‘, as they bring us more joyous euphoria to salivate over on ‘Make My Way Out(To The Sun).

Ivy Eye is a UK-based music production duo who somehow take a futuristic torch and shine in dynamic disco, fresh funk and uncontaminated pop pureness, to heal our broken hearts one song at a time.

The infectious track explores elements from the House and Nu-Disco genres all whilst keeping the duo’s classic Disco/Funk influences as the driving force. Moving into more sonically lush territory,” ~ Ivy Eye

There is so much to love here as the story of wanting to escape this evil planet rings home true, as you pick up the phone and say yes to the offer of joining them on this exciting journey to a new place. A better place. Somewhere safe and kind, with heart-healing music leading us to the peaceful finish line, where you can lather joyously in treasures that fill more than your easy-to-break pockets.

Make My Way Out(To The Sun) from the well-received UK music producers Ivy Eye, is a sensational performance that is filled with happy droplets of scintillating vibrations to keep you coming back for more. They prove that funky music with soul will always have a place in our welcoming smiles no matter what other fads are doing the rounds, as this is just pure unadulterated brilliance all the way though. Music with a bounce like this, is always welcome on life’s ever-evolving jumping castle.

Hear this groovy wonder in the sky above on Spotify and find them hanging out in the coolest spots via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

K1C3V5K1 releases new electronic album ‘Up All Night’

Serbian music producers Goran Radinovic, Darko Stanojevic and Zoran Zivokovic have been making electronic dance music since 2004, all their hard work comes to play in their new release ‘Up All Night’.

Combining future house, deep house and big room together they created their eleven-track album. They draw inspirations from The Prodigy, Sash and Martin Garrix.

The whole anthology has this crazy infectious sound one that instantly boosts your mood and has this insane rhythm. To be able to create electronic music takes a lot of talent, knowing what effects to put in where, putting them breakdowns in the best place and building this overall suspense throughout, K1C3V5K1 definitely do that.

From the start it’s all fairly low-pace and as the middle begins to creep up, the drawn out voices begins to lead up to the manic breakdowns and that same high energetic sound takes you all the way through till the end.

K1C3V5K1 surely knows how to make some killer tracks that will definitely get you up and moving.

Head on over to Spotify to check out K1C3V5K1’s new album Up All Night.

Review by Karley Myall