Jonah Atkins Releases Extraordinary Soul Track ‘Two Steps Back’

Jonah Atkins

There’s this feeling that always brew over me each time I stumble on songs like this. I can’t really put to words in that deserved pitch without being overly emphasizing on the magnanimity of the soul of this song. It’s more like suckling on morose for so long and then finding repose in a new way some moment after you reclined and left your sheath a ruin on the cold floor.

Emphatically, Jonah Atkins is a great songwriter, he sure does have his way with words, If you listen to this song with great attention paid to the lyrics you’ll understand better. This choice of using an acoustic guitar as the first instrument in this song really gave the slow tempo of this song an edge over the normal regular cool slow vibe you’ve ever listened to.

The brisance of the melody is overwhelming. Jonah Atkin’s “Two Steps Back” can be characterized as Coldplay’s “Fix you” acoustic version played with Passenger’s guitar stroke in a voice like Owlcity’s Adam Young. The lyrics and deep messages that were passed in each line of this song with such repartee is the focal reason why I would wanna hear more of Jonah’s songs.

Be sure not to remember to forget that you’ve gotta check out this great song if you enjoy listening to any of this great artists; Passenger, Adam Young and Coldplay.

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