JMJ Releases Folk-Pop Track “Pretty Jeans”

If you normally associate JMJ with slick electronica, Pretty Jeans shows another side of the artist. Here the core sound is a rough and tumble, rootsy take on folk-pop but it is one which builds slowly adding sonic layers of beat and electronica, of texture and musical detail until it grows into something bristling with musical dynamics, addictive, lilting musical passages and infectious sing-along choruses. The clever bit about it is that the song is so disarming that you hardly notice that it is happening until you find yourself in a swirl of sound and that little folk-pop tune you thought you were getting into is now just the eye of a majestic musical storm.

The advantage of the modern musical world, the accessibility of studio technology and the other tools available to the modern artist is that instead of being a specialist, artists such as JMJ can instead opt to delve into any genre, any style any sound palette that takes their fancy. Pretty Jeans is the perfect sound sculpture for the post-genre world.

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