Kamanda moves away from the darkness that had his soul sore on ‘Stuck in the Spotlight’ (feat. Regikay)

Comprehending this scary world that had him flipped around for too long as he struggled to be accepted, Kamanda takes time to drop an important message for all those who feel like giving up right now on ‘Stuck in the Spotlight(feat. Regikay).

Kamanda is a Liberia-born, Newcastle, Australia-based indie hip hop artist who courageously moved with his family from West Africa in 2005.

Growing up in a musical family, Kamanda started writing Poetry, Rapping and Singing at age 9, thereafter spent years working on improving his Rapping and songwriting skills.” ~ Kamanda

Moving away from the doubt-fueled clouds up above that threatened to storm on him like an angry tornado, Kamanda has a presence that is mightily astute. He raps about damaging moments in the past that have now made him so much more self-enlightened. Gloriously, too. His persona is humble, brave and his wizard-like wordplay has you tuned in for the show.

Kamanda raps about his life, his struggles and overcoming hard times, his music is spiritual.” ~ Kamanda

Stuck in the Spotlight(feat. Regikay) from Australia-based indie hip hop artist Kamanda is certainly an impressive performance from a rising artist with plenty of that much-needed grit, style and persistent attitude that makes him someone to ultimately get behind. There are powerful statements to get lost inside, too. Packed with a timeless edge, this is a song for anyone who has ever been an underdog at some stage in their life.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see more on the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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