Jack Hayden’s “Do It Again” Is A Driven, Punchy & Hard-Hitting Track

Jack Hayden has everything it takes to charm the audience. Engaging presence, charisma, good looks and insane guitar chops. His brand new single, “Do It Again”, is a driven, punchy and hard-hitting track that highlights the artist’s amazing energy.

One of the best things about this song is that Jack retains his appeal and melodic sining skills, even when stomping on the accelerator to the max! This song makes me think of some of the early and best work by artists such as Nickelback or Daughtry, where great melodies seamlessly blend in with powerful guitars and gigantic rock antics.

Everything about this song is larger-than-life, making for a fun, unique and really uplifting listening experience. This is a song that will charge you up and fire up from the get go.

Jack Hayden managed to show off a lot of star power on this track, with a bold, direct and energetic feel.

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