Queens Emcee ‘Del’ busts through the front door with outstanding debut ‘’Sunnyside Freestyle’’

‘’We ready to get it on. I’m the self acclaimed prophecy.’’ Is there a new force in New York Hip Hop?

Sunnyside in Queens, NYC Emcee ‘Del’ is on a mission. He believes he is the best. Wayne Brady good. This guy can rap and shows the world his mad skills on a dope beat. This is proper Hip Hop, Queens style.

‘’I need three girls at all times/Like the motherfucking power puffs’’. “Del’’ has clever wordplay up his sleeve and this is a prime example. So many Emcee’s ramble about the same thing but not this artist. He has a vivid imagination and vision, something you can’t teach.

With more tracks like ’’Sunnyside Freestyle’’, ‘Del’ is unlikely to be lonely at night. A fairly new addition to the legendary New York music scene, he smashes through to demand respect on this single and will surely break out soon. He is too good not to.

Being a new artist, I am intrigued to see what comes next, who he collabs with and how this fantastic talent evolves. Hip Hop is in a good place with ‘Del’ and long may this journey continue. 

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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