J Luchiano releases Slide: A truly impressive Trap and Harmony single

Atlanta-based artist Justin Barnett aka J-Luchiano has released his new ‘Slide’, embracing the sound of Trap and Harmony, he is not afraid to speak the truth and show the world his unique sound.

What would be considered as a fairly short track, there’s a lot going on throughout from sound effects, melodies and vocal ranges.

Starting off with a slight echo in the background and the noise of what sounds like a trumpet, then the beat begins to drop as the Rap begins to start, there are a lot of electronic sounds within Slide, using music technology to create a synthesised effect on the lyrics spoken as well as the overall melody.

J Luciano’s vocals don’t tend to change speed or get higher or lower, they’re constantly the same way throughout. Most Rap artists do tend to change the way they sound throughout whether that’s by adding effects or upping the volume, but that’s not the same for him he succeeds doing it his way and keeping everything the same, he sways a far from the generic Rap artist and puts his own twist on it.

Check out J Luchiano’s latest track by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Karley Myall

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