8udDha bl0od has taken his sound to celestial new heights with his recently released single

“8!ll&73D580gU5j0Urn3Y;JAckDAn13lj0hn570n:3Arn3s7h0m1ngrAy0n7h38UllD0g5mA5h1ngDjAng05l3m0nPUmpk1n5” is the absurdly titled symphonically celestial soundscape from easily one of the most beguiling artists we’ve discovered in 2020.

Perceptibly, there’s no limit to 8udDha bl0od’s talent, we’ve heard them alchemically attack everything from Psych Rock to Alt Electronica. But this time, they’ve crafted a cinematically arrestive instrumental single. And it’s definitely one of the most progressively epic tracks we’ve heard from 8udDha bl0od so far. Be prepared to fall down a Rabbit Hole. The track kicks off with a Wagner-style orchestral electronic composition which you’ll easily be able to tie your rhythmic pulses to before an unexpected Psych Rock crescendo featuring heavily-distorted scuzzy over-driven guitar following on from the flurried orchestral notes.

We’ll never know what to expect from 8udDha bl0od next, but one thing which remains as a constant is their ability pique our interest with the preludes and leave us well and truly consumed by the outro.

You can check out 8!ll&73D580gU5j0Urn3Y;JAckDAn13lj0hn570n:3Arn3s7h0m1ngrAy0n7h38UllD0g5mA5h1ngDjAng05l3m0nPUmpk1n5 for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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