Indie Electronica Artist Oak Glen Have Mixed Up Their Sound with the Acoustic Single “Killing You”

Indie Electronica artist Oak Glen first appeared on our radar earlier this year with the sultry, moody Electronica single “Enemy”. Their most recent single “Killing You” played out on an acoustic guitar stands as a testament to both their talent as songwriters and to their versatility.

The electronic version of Killing You is due to follow, but for now, delving into the emotively arrestive acoustic tones of Killing You is highly recommended.

While most tracks played out on an acoustic guitar can leave you feeling painfully aware that you’re solely listening to a guitar, you’re far too captivated with the way the vocals gel against the deft woody guitar notes to notice. The vocals aren’t just dynamic in the notes they can easily stretch to, but also in the range of emotion which is offered as the pensively sweet single unfolds.

You can check out Oak Glen’s single for yourselves by heading over to Apple music.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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