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Steve Daniels – Green Triangle: Vividly Colourful Alt Indie Folk

As a fairly ardent fan of the Legendary Pink Dots, hitting play on Steve Daniels’ recently released single “Green Triangle” and hearing those porously emotive vocal notes was an unforgettably grounding experience.

Steve Daniels has a rare nuanced air to his softly-versed vocals which allows him to paint in vivid colours with his words. The instrumental arrangement may be fairly sparse, but the warmth found in the stripped-back melody is captivating all the same.

The artist may have a Machiavellian tendency to pull at your heartstrings using spacial effect. But he was kind enough to ensure that listening to Green Triangle will bring you a kaleidoscope of emancipating catharsis.

You can check out Green Triangle for yourselves by heading over to YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Indie Electronica Artist Oak Glen Have Mixed Up Their Sound with the Acoustic Single “Killing You”

Indie Electronica artist Oak Glen first appeared on our radar earlier this year with the sultry, moody Electronica single “Enemy”. Their most recent single “Killing You” played out on an acoustic guitar stands as a testament to both their talent as songwriters and to their versatility.

The electronic version of Killing You is due to follow, but for now, delving into the emotively arrestive acoustic tones of Killing You is highly recommended.

While most tracks played out on an acoustic guitar can leave you feeling painfully aware that you’re solely listening to a guitar, you’re far too captivated with the way the vocals gel against the deft woody guitar notes to notice. The vocals aren’t just dynamic in the notes they can easily stretch to, but also in the range of emotion which is offered as the pensively sweet single unfolds.

You can check out Oak Glen’s single for yourselves by heading over to Apple music.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Cameron Bates – Whisper: Cinematically Captivating Indie Acoustic

Every time I discover an organically talented acoustic Indie singer songwriter I get a little taken aback. With the limited amount of chord progressions, which are archetypally done in Drop D, it’s hard to feel not to feel like you’ve heard it all before. Then you stumble across artists such as Cameron Bates; a UK based artist that proves the genre has so much more to offer.

With his second single release, he’s proven with the right amount of resonance, romanticism and reticent melody then pioneering music can stem out of any genre. There is such poignant ingenuity contained within the lyricism that allows you to get swept up in the emotion which Cameron pensively pours through the mic.

You can check out Cameron Bates’ latest single Whisper on Spotify now along with his film score ‘Essu’ which was his first release on the platform. I wouldn’t be all too surprised if you heard many more compositions from the cinematically stunning emerging artist in the future.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Ricky Lorimer – Traveller EP: Bewitchingly Charming Irish Indie Acoustic

Ricky Lorimer is one of the most mesmerising Acoustic acts on the scene to date, putting other acts to shame with this electrifying ambience that he creates with his overwhelming vocals and the succinct soar of his guitar.

The singer songwriter hails from the North Coast of Ireland, the twang of his heritage is blissfully dominant throughout his debut EP but really shines through in the 3rd track on the EP with his title track ‘Traveller’. His potent charm stings through his strenuous lyrical abilities that carry like litter in the breeze through this track. Yet, each of the tracks ring with their own eclectic pioneering Indie sound, Lorimers’ signature romantically Alt Rock resonance is deftly infused into them. What really makes the tracks for me is the raw emotion that’s poured into them that wraps around the tight harmonies from the cacophonies of the percussion. Each instrument palpably thrashes through the melodies, that sound as if they come second nature to the singer songwriter who aims for his sound to become a vehicle of hope.

Check out the Traveller EP on Spotify now:

Link up with the enigmatic Ricky Lorimer via Facebook:

Review by Amelia Vandergast