In love with no contact: ‘’Old New Love’’ is the sad story of loving during COVD-19 from young Blues Rocker ‘Chork’

‘’Old New Love’’ is one crunching emotionally charged song that touches on real-life experience – a broken relationship, a shattered dream, and strangled happiness, amid a world that’s under lock and keys.’’- ‘Chork’.

Hailing from Derbyshire in the UK, upstart singer-songwriter Charlie Gibson, aka ‘Chork’, makes top notch Blues Rock and you can see his love for the British music scene. He has a great voice and the rhythm is very consistent always, this should be a breakout track. ‘’Old New Love’’  is a definite mood enhancer that is legal, the lyrics are clear to hear and the riffs are really catchy.

Benedict Bevan joins ‘Chork’ with his eclectic mix of Drums & Percussion, clearly a real pro. This dynamic duo sounds like a strong team and after learning from this debut track, surely much more is to come. Good times await British music and Belper, Derbyshire should be very proud. ‘’Old New Love’’ is a beautifully crafted song, one that should be appreciated and played a lot.

Stream more from the UK’s ‘Chork’ here on his SoundCloud.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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