I’m Disgusted: Wachira takes fame over the money on ILLEGAL

Following on from his previous releases from 2022 called African Boy and Inferno, Wachira powers in with an immense soundtrack that is gangsta all the way on his latest offering, ILLEGAL.

Wachira, aka Joshua Wachira, is a hip hop artist who is clearly on a mission to take over the scene and bends our ears with robust music to play loud in the car.

Showing rap heads how things should be done, Wachira thunders his way inside our awareness with a superior display that shall shatter any fragile windows nearby. Thunderous in nature and serious in tone, pulsating many ears which might cause slight perforations.

ILLEGAL from hip hop artist Wachira is a hardcore track for those who like their speakers busting from the seams. Showing us he is going to do things the right way into that promised land, this is a song that will find many nodding with all night long.

Crammed with intensity and a barrage of vocal ingenuity to bounce all night with, you might find yourself going back to the 90s on this one.

Listen up to this heavy song on Spotify and follow his socials on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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