If You Don’t Know: Binary Z drops no games track Devil’s Advocate (prod. Bloom)

Gripping through the mood-assisting spliff and feeling like things are turning heavy and cold outside, Binary Z will never hide and has chosen to move away from evil small-minded fools on Devil’s Advocate (prod. Bloom).

Binary Z aka Aziz Urrutia is a 27-year-old Westbrookville, New York-based indie hip-hop artist who is the kind of underground warrior who sends shivers inside the mind of most listeners.

My mind, soul, heart, sweat, and tears are what created this album and I hope that you guys feel and relate to my emotions.” ~ Binary Z

Revealing the sound of our skittish generation with a lost soul message which too many humans have felt in recent times, Binary Z tells it how it really is. Establishing distance to those who have let down a torched heart in the past, we find a proper ear-stinger amongst the jellyfish.

Devil’s Advocate (prod. Bloom) from Westbrookville, New York-based indie hip-hop artist is a monumental statement from a tortured soul who is in no mood to mess around. This is an underground track for those who love to claw deeper to a niche sound which will resonate with anyone who is tired of being thrown the fire.

This is the underdog message. Inside a world which will give many shivers as this is real life and not a movie.

Listen up on SoundCloud.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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