I’d Always Feel Alone: Henry Dukes never wants that first love to leave on ‘If I Die Tomorrow’

Taken off his dashing five-track debut EP ‘Voicemail’ which dropped on the 20th August 2021 and was co-written and produced with the assistance of his great friend/fellow songwriter Tom Phelps, Henry Dukes takes the key to his soul and carefully slides open the door on the loving new single ‘If I Die Tomorrow‘.

Henry Dukes is a seventeen-years-young Wiltshire-based indie pop singer-songwriter and actor on BBC’s upcoming Sex Pistols series. He might be a fresh face but you sense something rather special about this emerging artist, as his distinctive voice tells you he is ready for anything.

The EP chronicles the talented 17-year singer-songwriter’s first love against the backdrop of lockdown, with clips from voicemails and messages exchanged between the young couple over the course of the summer they fell in love.” ~ Henry Dukes

This is the sweet story of wondering if they would still think of you even if you weren’t around due to the horrendous pandemic, as you recall their connection before when your hands locked inside each others for the first time. The pure love is easy to hear and sense, taste and remember, each word is passionate, as we are brought into this love-fueled embrace of the highest order.

If I Die Tomorrow‘ from Wiltshire-based indie pop singer-songwriter and talented actor Henry Dukes, is the type of song which makes you feel rather nostalgic from time that has passed recently. You miss that sweet soul who you wish was next to you right now, as you both long for that tender touch.

Sung with a youthful brilliance, it feels like we are only starting to witness a highly promising artist who will stand the test of time, in this fickle game that can take you down paths you would rather forget.

Stream this new single on his Spotify and see more on his IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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