Iced Up: Arizona’s WyLyn wants to be back inside from the freezing ‘Cold’ of lost love

As the lonely phone rings and rings in the candle-lit background with no answer imminent, WyLyn knows that he is out in the ‘Cold‘ as they decided to leave, with no intention of coming back.

Derek Roes aka WyLyn is a San Tan Valley, Arizona-based model, indie pop singer-songwriter and producer, who smoothly filters in music creations from the heart, that are all about love and how to be compatible together in this often-selfish world.

His sings with such passionate rhythm, with the sweet melodies catching your heart closely and with such love. Each word is meaningful as he longs for the return of his former lover, so they can be snugly in each others arms again.

The romantic atmosphere here leads you into the warm room which they shared when things were ideal like in a movie, before the storm came and they rode out without even properly saying goodbye. Sometimes the world is so harsh and things don’t make sense.

Cold‘ from Arizona’s WyLyn, is a sad story about missing someone so much, as you think about their memory and how simple things were. Sometimes life gives you the chills – so you can take time to warm up inside before loving deeply with heat again – when the stars align up perfectly again.

Hear this brand new track on Soundcloud and check out his IG for further info.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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