Ian Byarn – Wishful Thinking: Self-Conscious Positive Trap Rap

“I’m gonna be someone, somewhere” says Ian Byarm, on the first verse of his new song “Wishful Thinking”.

This is a trap banger that consists of all the ingredients of a trap banger: The familiar double snares on the beat and the lyrical audacity that rumbles about chasing after the big life. It does have something distinguishing though: The absence of vulgarity.

Ian Byarn’s rapping game on this song is nothing close to game-changing, the same goes for the piano keys in the production, they are pleasant but that’s about it. This song has a special feel to it though, it does not reek of that malodorous profanity and arrogance that many trappers that are topping the charts have. I perceive this musical piece as a genuine embrace of change, a change towards a better self. His voice on the chorus is smooth; the subtle use of autotune is something to be appreciated. But it’s more about the words that are coming out of his mouth, rather than anything else.

Give it a listen on Soundcloud.

Review by Nektarios Oikonomakis

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