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Adriana Adeline urges all the resilient ladies to never lose that crown on ‘Positive’

Sending a heartfelt message to stay real to yourself and to never bring your precious soul down to the rotten gutter just to get some meaningless pitty, Adriana Adeline grew tired of running and helps us to see the truth that is waiting to embrace you on ‘Positive‘.

Adriana Adeline is a peace-loving Central Florida-born, New York City-based indie singer-songwriter/poet who fuses her original energy to create a wonderfully alluring blend of RnB, folk and pop-soul.

Hopes to reach the world with her words and passion for music and does everything with 100% originality and style.” ~ Adriana Adeline

Taken from her recent 7-track Higher Consciousness album, the angelic wonder Adriana Adeline delivers an underground love letter to all the lonely women out there who need some hope of a better tomorrow. We find openness in droves here and a beautifully enchanting vocal performance that can only put a smile all over your hopeful face.

Positive‘ from Central Florida-born, New York City-based indie singer-songwriter/poet Adriana Adeline is a Queen-like story about keeping that vital good energy flowing- despite the ups and downs of life – so that you may always stay true to your real essence. As the world darkens and the smoke fills the mind of so many, this is a welcome reminder to never give up no matter what. Finding those close humans who may hold your hand when things are low is the key, as we are blessed with a self-enlightened soul who totally gets it. Helping others is her mission and for this, we have to be truly grateful.

Hear this inspiring message on Spotify and see more via her IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Never Said Before: Australia’s Roses In Hand wants that special surprise on ‘Paradise’

With that comforting love flowing like a pacifying swim in the ocean that clears your body from all the frustrated toxins that can make us so edgy in this stressful world, Roses In Hand kindly brings us a piece of pure-tasting pop that has you happy again in ‘Paradise‘.

Roses In Hand is an Australia-based indie electro-pop duo who make the type of songs that we can all relate to, as we sing from the top of our lungs to their joyful tune.

Written about harnessing the mindset of finding peace in positivity, the uplifting single “Paradise”, serves as a reminder to find your worth.” ~ Roses In Hand

Roses In Hand are quite terrific on this catchy new single and hold us close to remind us that having that close connection with someone special is such a blessing, and should never be overlooked. There is real care and dynamic outpour on this sizzling track from an outfit that undoubtedly knows how to get our radiant smiles back in full form again.

From extensive travelling with their acoustic performances, Roses in Hand have been known for their lyrics of love, lust and struggles through beat-driven tempos and soulful melodies. With ear-catching performances and hook-heavy music, Roses In Hand have extended their sound with elements of modern pop, using electronic and acoustic instrumentation.” ~ Roses In Hand

Paradise‘ from the Australia-based indie electro-pop act Roses In Hand, is one of the more easygoing singles you will hear all year. There is so much love here and a positive vibe that transmits beautifully, to have your soul feeling so much warmer than before. With luscious vocals and a happy beat that has your whole body sensing that everything is going to be okay, this is a track to put on loud when you feel like you need a holiday from all the depressing news headlines.

Hear this new track on Spotify and see more news on their IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Sensual Tropical House vibes with Alto’s debut ”All Over You”

You know you want to be with her. Something is keeping you apart and you can stop thinking about it. You imagine living together and her love is in your bones. Needing this love is driving you crazy and you just want it to be. What is the next step to this love story?

Alto is here to save us all. This new producer has just dropped his Tropical House tingled pleasure from the stars above. He impresses here with a song that has so much love in it, I’m convinced cupid played a part here.

All Over You” is a dashingly delightful single that is an absolute summer anthem for us all to enjoy. The song is so simple, it builds and builds, teasing us all. Then, we are subjected to such a happy and positive vibe.

If only life could be this simple. Alto is here and this debut song is a glimpse into the future of this producer. He is a name to watch.

Head through to Soundcloud to get more of this summer jam into your playlists.

Review by Llewelyn Screen

Ian Byarn – Wishful Thinking: Self-Conscious Positive Trap Rap

“I’m gonna be someone, somewhere” says Ian Byarm, on the first verse of his new song “Wishful Thinking”.

This is a trap banger that consists of all the ingredients of a trap banger: The familiar double snares on the beat and the lyrical audacity that rumbles about chasing after the big life. It does have something distinguishing though: The absence of vulgarity.

Ian Byarn’s rapping game on this song is nothing close to game-changing, the same goes for the piano keys in the production, they are pleasant but that’s about it. This song has a special feel to it though, it does not reek of that malodorous profanity and arrogance that many trappers that are topping the charts have. I perceive this musical piece as a genuine embrace of change, a change towards a better self. His voice on the chorus is smooth; the subtle use of autotune is something to be appreciated. But it’s more about the words that are coming out of his mouth, rather than anything else.

Give it a listen on Soundcloud.

Review by Nektarios Oikonomakis