Iain Belcher – We Disappear: Cathartically Crisp Soft Acoustic Rock

Clear Future by Iain Belcher

Vancouver based Experimental Post Pop artist Iain Belcher has just released his latest single We Disappear from the album Clear Future. As soon as the track kicked into verse I couldn’t help but place the reminiscence of his sound with one of my favourite Acoustic artists of all time Jack Johnson. It’s punchy, stylishly textured, ethereally pleasing and more importantly instantaneously cathartic. I could have got lost in the acoustic guitar alone, yet behind Iain Belcher’s sound was a cacophonic array of instrumental affect that may have bled some of the most poignant upbeat rhythms I may have ever heard. It may sound like high praise, yet, there isn’t a flaw to be found in We Disappear.

With the lyrics Iain Belcher sets up a sweet narrative over the crisp strumming of his guitar which allows his latest track We Disappear to overflow with soulful emotion through succinct vocal harmony.

You can check out Iain Belcher’s single We Disappear which was released April 13th, 2018 on BandCamp now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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