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Newcastle singer Conrad Ashton is back with entertaining single ”Time”

Pop Rock singer-songwriter, Conrad Ashton, from the beautiful town of Spennymoor in County Durham, is back with new music and this time his single is called ”Time”. A positive message is here for our ears to enjoy and Conrad is urging us to make the best use of our time left in this wild world that we reside in.

Always evolving, Conrad is a genuine soul who has a lot of fun with his music and doesn’t take himself too seriously which is great to see. After mainly playing in Leeds and Newcastle, Conrad must be itching to take that stage again and performing his gallivanting style of Rock to his fans delight.

Newcastle based Conrad Ashton takes us on a wild ride, with lots of twists and turns in ”Time”. A fun singer who puts his heart and soul into every note, Conrad is the type of singer-songwriter you would take your whole family to go and watch. With the kids dancing in the front and the oldies swaying at the back while sipping on a few gins. This is terrific music that takes you back to the good old days of simple fun without pretentiousness.

Stream Conrad’s music on his SoundCloud channel right now.

Review by Llewelyn Screen


Invoke the Nostalgia of Summer’s Past with Gloucester Road’s Acoustic Rock Single “Summer Song”

Summer may not be upon us yet, but up and coming artist Gloucester Road gave us plenty of time to fall in love with their Summer playlist staple “Summer Song”.

The intricately melodic acoustic Rock single will leave you endeared before you even get to the chorus. And just like every good Summer track should, Gloucester Road’s sublimely accordant single leaves you awash with nostalgia for summer’s past.

Their contemporary approach to Rock incorporates nuances of Alt Folk to add to the quintessential feel. While their epic solo would appease any Bruce Springsteen fans. Solos found in Acoustic Rock singles don’t come much more absorbing than the soaring notes you’ll hear in Summer Song. You can almost hear them reach a new plateau in the soundscape.

Summer Song is the first single to be released from the band’s third studio album. If Summer Song is anything to go by, you won’t want to miss out on the rest.

You can check out Summer Song for yourselves via Spotify or SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Ramsey Perkins – My Time’s Run Out: Accordantly Captivating Acoustic Indie

Up and coming singer-songwriter Ramsey Perkins dropped their latest video; a transfixing rendition of their single “My Time’s Run Out” on January 21st.

Armed with just an acoustic guitar, Ramsey Perkins was able to instantly captivate through the lo-fi recording of their single which is sure to enamour any fans of Johnny Marr’s virtuosic Jangly guitar style. Paired with the reflectively deep lyrics, Ramsey Perkins succeeded where many artists fail. He made connectable human emotion the cornerstone of his sound and utilised his nuanced instrumental and vocal ability to make the soundscape arrestive from the first verse to the last.

You can check out My Time’s Run Out for yourselves by heading over to YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


South Of Summer – Lost in December: Electrifying Grungy Acoustic Rock

Are you in the mood for an act whose artistic mission is to bring back the 90’s acoustic foot-tapping rock music? If this is you, you might have just found your jam of the day.

South Of Summer is a grungy and sometimes acoustic rock act from Manchester, UK. With them, you know clearly what to expect. They draw their influence from Seattle’s early 90’s grunge scene and all things mainstream 90’s rock really. Music that is best enjoyed with a glass of scotch. By people who appreciate long-haired guys in jeans, even if they don’t have long hair themselves.

I find a compositional completeness in “Lost in December”. It’s a song that features all the elements that we love about this sound, in an exciting volume: Grungy guitar riffs and acoustic ones, a chorus that it’s strong enough to break your heart and a highly competent singer. Everything is in place with this song. Even the production is a bit 90s. If I hadn’t read their bio, I might have thought that they might have been an underground band that is around for 30 years without any mainstream success except opening up for Counting Crows once. But they only formed in late 2019.

Listen to “Lost in December” here

Review by Nektarios Oikonomakis


Franklin Gotham – We Were Dumb: Magnetically Mellifluous Indie Power Pop

Indie Power Pop artist Franklin Gotham has recently released yet another feat of timeless Acoustic Rock with their latest single “We Were Dumb”.

While their other recent releases such as Selling You a Lie left us zealously enamoured, the artist has proven that they’ve continued to sharpen their melodic hook crafting skills with We Were Dumb. If you’re looking for ostentatious frills and overcomplication, you won’t find any. Instead, Franklin Gotham keeps We Were Dumb simple, accessible, and infectiously magnetic by allowing the clean melodies and inviting vocals to lead the way through the track

With the emotional intensity of Tom Waits and the sunny vulnerability of artists such as Nada Surf, We Were Dumb encompasses Alt Indie Folk Rock in a way which may not be regarded as pioneering, but it’s irrefutably refreshing.

You can check out Franklin Gotham’s latest single We Were Dumb for yourselves by heading over to Bandcamp.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Daniel Dorman – A Better Man: Heart-Hollowing Acoustic Rock

If Daniel Dorman’s latest single A Better Man doesn’t move you in the slightest, you may very well be dead inside. Right from the first verse hearing that crippling self-doubt and apathy pouring through his lyrics was almost a heart-breaking experience. Whether it’s true to experience or not A Better Man is sharp enough to bring a tear to your eye. His stripped back Acoustic Rock styling sets the perfect pensive tone for Daniel to lay down his resoundingly sonorous vocals which project some of the most evocative lyrics I’ve heard recorded since the Manic Street Preaches released their iconic record the Holy Bible. As melancholic as Daniel’s soundscape are, there are still uplifting layers written somewhere into the melody. It doesn’t quite seem right to dissect something so perfect as A Better Man, it’s one of those rare tracks that go completely beyond just an aural offering, the sentimentality will hallow out your heart and set up camp there.

Am I over exaggerating? You can check out Daniel Dorman’s latest track A Better Man on Spotify now and find out for yourselves!

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Iain Belcher – We Disappear: Cathartically Crisp Soft Acoustic Rock

Vancouver based Experimental Post Pop artist Iain Belcher has just released his latest single We Disappear from the album Clear Future. As soon as the track kicked into verse I couldn’t help but place the reminiscence of his sound with one of my favourite Acoustic artists of all time Jack Johnson. It’s punchy, stylishly textured, ethereally pleasing and more importantly instantaneously cathartic. I could have got lost in the acoustic guitar alone, yet behind Iain Belcher’s sound was a cacophonic array of instrumental affect that may have bled some of the most poignant upbeat rhythms I may have ever heard. It may sound like high praise, yet, there isn’t a flaw to be found in We Disappear.

With the lyrics Iain Belcher sets up a sweet narrative over the crisp strumming of his guitar which allows his latest track We Disappear to overflow with soulful emotion through succinct vocal harmony.

You can check out Iain Belcher’s single We Disappear which was released April 13th, 2018 on BandCamp now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast