Star – Sound the Same: Waxing Lyrical on the Stereotypical

Star has definitely got a point with his latest track “Sound the Same”. As an A&R journalist, I find myself in a fair amount of despair as I’m forced to contend with the complete lack of diversity in the contemporary Hip Hop arena.

Yet, the up and coming artist proved with his single which was released October 9th that he’s a new contender more than worthy of acclaim for his charismatic flair when it comes to laying down his Rap bars. There’s no brash aggression, just lyrics which flow to perfect meter and rhyme versed through his steady audible delivery. Let’s just hope the mumble Rap artists listen to this track too.

If a solid concept and a relentlessly fluid delivery wasn’t enough, Star was also kind enough to treat us to a perfectly produced, progressive beat which comes alive through the convergence of Trap beats and a subtle lucid Jazz vibe.

You can check out Star’s latest single Sound the Same for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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