I Was Always Going To Find Out: Efficacious Chicago singer Monica Rose knows that he wasn’t the one on ‘Peter Pan’ (feat. Multi-Band)

Returning with her first release of 2021 which follows her tremendously soulful four-track EP from last year called ‘Wax‘, Monica Rose brings her unique indie-bop bounce with the reflective story about knowing that they can’t be together for long on ‘Peter Pan(feat. Multi-Band).

Monica Rose is a thoughtfully stylish Chicago, Illinois-based indie jazzy/pop singer-songwriter, rollerblader, subconscious mind student, future fashion icon, and skilled painter. She intrinsically fuses that healing melody that helps us deal with our day, as this is a caring musician who selflessly makes music to help others through her art.

I’d consider myself a very reflective person with an enormous imagination. I’m constantly observing the world around me and conjuring ideas about how I’d like to communicate what occurs behind my eyes. A certain type of success, to me, is to perfectly communicate a thought or feeling.” – Monica Rose

Her tenacious attitude is quite inspiring as she is following her dreams the whole way, as she is joined by her talented band to add so many extra enticing layers to their genuine sound. Each second is so groovy, their underground style is so underrated and you feel like they are building up, brick by brick, to get to where they know they need to be.

Peter Pan(feat. Multi-Band) from the wonderfully talented and deep thinker Monica Rose, shows us a supremely creative soul who has a special ability to galvanize your attention on her, as you sit back and intertwine glowingly at these deliciously wondrous vocals. This is the type of song to listen to when you need some reassurance that you made the right decision. Trusting your gut, is always the way to lean after all.

Stream her new track on Spotify and see the vision via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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