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Our Chemistry: Outstanding Newcastle singer Beth Macari takes away all of our insecurities on ‘Love You More’

With a thrillingly sensual energy that transmits such stunning elegance to make you blush glowingly, Beth Macari takes us to those rare dizzy heights we forgot were actually possible on the effortless gem ‘Love You More‘.

Beth Macari is a wonderfully talented indie RnB/soul singer-songwriter based in passionate Newcastle, England. She makes that glorious love-letter type of music, which is such a beautiful listen as her glorious voice brings some classy heart-warming vibes on this scrumptious effort.

After previously blessing us with a 90’s dance floor vibe on her last release, you feel more of a delicious jazzy/RnB element on this stunning new single. Her gushing vocals has your neck and back shaking in delight – as her voice is so perfectly toned that you feel an urge to close your eyes – so that your can relax into her utterly transfixing and rather unforgettable experience.

This is the loving story of catching your eyes together as you both smile and come closer, you feel a bolt of electricity and know that this is going to be something rather special. You know that they may have some doubts about if they are worthy to be with you, but you sense this quickly and just want to keep things sweetly textured, without overthinking things.

Love You More‘ from the lovely Newcastle-based indie RnB/soul artist Beth Macari, is that sweet moment when your heart tells you that this is someone you should spend more time with. Her lusciously gorgeous vocals are such a pleasure to lather into this bubble-bath of a single, that has your beaming brightly from all the romantic energy.

This is such an excellent single, and one to bring you back to simpler times, when love wasn’t so unnecessarily complicated.

Hear this fine new single on Spotify and see her IG page for more visuals.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I Was Always Going To Find Out: Efficacious Chicago singer Monica Rose knows that he wasn’t the one on ‘Peter Pan’ (feat. Multi-Band)

Returning with her first release of 2021 which follows her tremendously soulful four-track EP from last year called ‘Wax‘, Monica Rose brings her unique indie-bop bounce with the reflective story about knowing that they can’t be together for long on ‘Peter Pan(feat. Multi-Band).

Monica Rose is a thoughtfully stylish Chicago, Illinois-based indie jazzy/pop singer-songwriter, rollerblader, subconscious mind student, future fashion icon, and skilled painter. She intrinsically fuses that healing melody that helps us deal with our day, as this is a caring musician who selflessly makes music to help others through her art.

I’d consider myself a very reflective person with an enormous imagination. I’m constantly observing the world around me and conjuring ideas about how I’d like to communicate what occurs behind my eyes. A certain type of success, to me, is to perfectly communicate a thought or feeling.” – Monica Rose

Her tenacious attitude is quite inspiring as she is following her dreams the whole way, as she is joined by her talented band to add so many extra enticing layers to their genuine sound. Each second is so groovy, their underground style is so underrated and you feel like they are building up, brick by brick, to get to where they know they need to be.

Peter Pan(feat. Multi-Band) from the wonderfully talented and deep thinker Monica Rose, shows us a supremely creative soul who has a special ability to galvanize your attention on her, as you sit back and intertwine glowingly at these deliciously wondrous vocals. This is the type of song to listen to when you need some reassurance that you made the right decision. Trusting your gut, is always the way to lean after all.

Stream her new track on Spotify and see the vision via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Ask Why: Hesta Banks kindly reminds us to be careful of what we read with quality debut single ‘Follow The News’

Featuring a stunning tone that will have your body calm and your back shivering in delight, Hesta Banks shows us the wild playground that can swing you around to make you so dizzy on ‘Follow The News‘.

Hesta Banks is a vibrant pop neo-soul musician who has so much jazz-filled authenticity entrenched into her lungs, that makes you feel alive with a smile, as you listen to a true sensational artist in her element.

From living in Northern England, via Auckland and Seattle, this is a truly world traveler who uses all that experience to make her classy and cultured sound alive, with so much to love.

Her honey-tipped voice is so fresh and full of fun, you feel her smile in the song as she is so self-aware and gets that there is so much fake energy floating around, that you need to be so careful with what you consume.

The beat is so lovely and captures this moment just right, with a supremely satisfying jazz fusion that has you nodding your head in approval.

Follow The News‘ from the excellent Hesta Banks, tells us the true story that should shake your consciousness back to life. Social media and the internet has brainwashed so many of us — so trusting your sources and not falling into the muddy fake news swamp — is vitally important to keep your mind fresh with goodness and truthfully real information.

Stream this top new single on Spotify and see more on her IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Lauren Murray is excellent on her R&B-coated debut ‘Emotional’

Singer-songwriter Lauren Murray is excellent on her R&B-coated debut ‘Emotional‘ and sings with such soul.

Released through Bandicoot Studios, this R&B-Jazz number with droplets of beauty makes today seem so much better. Lauren has that voice that makes you listen twice.

Lauren Murray’sEmotional‘ is a real song about letting things go even if you don’t want to right now. Things have changed so quick and trust evaporated, just like that. You know you need to heal up and this stunning song will help anyone with that emotional state that has come up, when you least expected it.

Emotional‘ from Lauren Murray is a brilliant song that shows this singer’s wonderfully crafted sultry voice. The pain from this breakup is strewn into her lyrics, the powerful sounds never become too much to the listener. This is all natural from a new talent that has given us a debut to truly think about.

Click here to watch the video.

Head through to the Facebook page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

io reflect on ”wasting time” via groovy Alt-soul smoke signals

We often think about wasted time and if more could be done. It’s true that some days could of been better used but ultimately you can be too hard on yourself. You were meant to be somewhere somehow anyway. This is a song that is on the top shelf and I could see myself sliding the vinyl on here to hear that raspy sound.

io. inbuilt obsolescence. This the fantastic track from the jazzy Alt soul-sprinkled act who have a real style that is impressive. I get lots in their sound with all the creativity and sun-soaked rainbows that come attached to my ears.

wasting time” is one of the best songs of 2020. This track has a buzzing beat that is ever-entrenched into your heart. The bass solo’s are so incredibly added here and that takes this new single into breath-taking territory.

Check this out on Spotify to hear this brilliantly executed song with soul.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The Singer Jazz amazes with top shelf ”Reach for the Stars”

Thesingerjazz has just released her debut album and this is a fine effort from the mysterious singer from bustling Queens in New York City. She’s somehow found the time to study Textile & Surface Design at The Fashion Institute of Technology where so obtained her Associates Degree. Brains, beauty and breath-taking vocal ability all at the same time.

From growing up singing in musicals, the intriguing singer with distorted beats that sounds so wonderfully beautiful is here with her new single called ”Reach for the Stars”.

I love this song and I get lost in her voice. The whole music arrangement fascinates me as I try and work out what is going on. I think that is the point. You aren’t supposed to. This is a music creation that is unique and shows off this wildly talented artist from Queens creativity and skill set.

To hear this jazzy wonder be sure to head through to Soundcloud.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Cardiff’s Year Of The Dog blast through in style with ”The Professional”

The Brass-filled 6 Piece band, Year Of The Dog from Cardiff in Wales have just smashed 2020 right in the face with their energetic lead single called ”The Professional”. The new track is taken from their recently released album called ”Bad Taste”.

A welcome addition to any upbeat music playlist or Birthday party, this breathtakingly entertaining Welsh act are certainly one of the most original groups you will come across all year. With appearances on BBC Introducing & Sex Education (Netflix) in the bag, the vibrant UK act are headed all the way to top of the mountain.

This song is very sexy and all about keeping it professional when the time is right as staying classy is the game here. The Welsh act have engulfed us with all the right ingredients here to snack on all evening long.

The Professional” is a jazzy laced Brit influenced movie theme tune built for 2020 but made in the 70’s for our own delicious entertainment. With a Right Said Fred influence mixed with a shot of James Bond’s martini, Year Of The Dog have awakened our every desire with this bouncy brass infused song of pleasure for essential late night sweaty dancing.

Stream this song on Spotify.

Review by Llewelyn Screen

Acoustic artist Solly spreads hope with peaceful single ‘’Shelter’’

Shelter from the storm is the paradox you are choking on. It’s so encouraging to be exposed to such positive vibrations from a very talented, upcoming artist like Film Editor/ Musician, ‘Solly’. He mixes these two passions together like an old pro.

Solomon Margo aka ‘Solly’ , released ‘Love & Harm’ on YouTube on the 1st May 2020 and this is the follow up single, the peaceful ‘’Shelter’’. It’s about sheltering your soul from all the fakeness in the world & to just be yourself, the best version of you. This is a perfect message. 

‘Solly’ is a young artist who alternates between NYC and LA in the USA. He is still finding his feet in this wild music game and I see a very promising future here. His music has a positive style and is so jazzy with touches of soul. A bigger stage awaits for this fine musician. 

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Snowdonia – Ways Of The World: Jazzy Sunny Art Rock

Snowdonia are broadcasting a call that is not exclusive to people that listen to alternative rock or art rock or jazz or enjoy the sound of wind instruments; they are addressing all listeners that are after sunny, beautiful, organically played music.

The only thing about them that is more smiley than their music, is the band members’ actual smiles! In all seriousness though, aside from the positive, instantly uplifting vibe that their song “Ways Of The World” will give you, this is a solid composition. The flute is blessing us with an outstanding phrase on the verses. The drumming is serving the song in a funky yet discreet way. Their singing, especially on the chorus is like listening to a choir of angels. I’m not sure if Jethro Tull would be among the artists that the band would go ahead and cite as an influence, regardless the band’s sound would fairly remind of Tull to some listeners.

There is nothing that I don’t love about this song. There’s an excellent balance between artfulness and laid back catchiness here.

Treat yourself to a sonic smile here

Review by Nektarios Oikonomakis

Dionne Clarke – Walk With Me: Smooth Jazzy R&B

Ten seconds in the song, just before you even listen to the vocals; you don’t even need to; Ten seconds is all it takes to agree with me that this song has a tremendous warming quality. An inner heater, if you will.

The sax is your first introductory instrument to “Walk With Me”, takes you gently by the hand and never lets go until the last second, there is there throughout the whole track. It only takes some pauses, in order to breath. The other main element that song consists of is a smooth like butter R&B beat. The beat, in particular, resembles to one of the classic beat-making styles of the ’90s. But enough about the music, we need to talk about Dionne Clarke’s malleable voice; this girl has an angel-like voice you need to hear. Its affection wraps you like a cloak.

“Walk With Me” is looking at you smooth R&B listeners, smooth Jazz listeners, everything smooth listeners I should say. If you’re jamming to Jorja Smith, treat you yourself: Listen

Review by Nektarios Oikonomakis