Hypnova release ‘Stranger Things’ – Featuring DR King

While the world of stringed instruments is expansive and can satisfy curiosities and cravings of many types, it’s highly regarded that one of the most expressive accessories since the invention of the pick itself: the slide. They can be glass, brass and a whole lot else in between. Despite how beloved the sound can be, it’s generally reserved for luaus and country ballads, with little else taking advantage of the unique and unmistakable sound. Stranger Things by Hypnova finds featured vocalist DR King enjoying an electric pop song that’s lead by none other than a sliding hook that’s bound to get people moving in a way that they’ve never done before.

Aside from the excellent hook, Hypnova managed to keep a great beat and finds time for finely-mixed piano parts that underscore DR King’s soulful performance.  This is a brief track that doesn’t need to spend time exploring or evolving. It knows what it is and it delivers what the people want. This not only provides an excellent addition to our pre-gaming needs, but gives us two great names to follow (if we aren’t already). There’s plenty to look forward to as far as sounds from Hypnova and performances by DR King. Maybe we’ll even see more collaboration in the future. Stranger Things have happened…

-Paul Weyer

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