House of Bethel – The New Boss: Keeping Jazz in The Family

The House of Bethel is the latest venture of three brothers from South Carolina who have been heavily influenced by their fathers music to pick up their own instruments and make stunning sounds of their own. The angelically archaic sound stems from their exponential mastery of the drums, trumpet and piano. Between them they create an altogether alluring Jazz lounge sound.

Their style is percussion soaked and simply symphonically indulgent and heavily influenced by Snarky Puppy, Ben Tankard, Robert Glasper and Chris Botti all of which are masters when it comes to creating an ultimately modern jazz infusion.

The New Boss is an instrumentalist peace, but there’s no need for lyrics to distract you from the enigmatic sound that these three musicians create. I could quite happily listen to an entire album of their work and immerse myself further into the transient melodies, quiescent breakdowns and slick styling.

If you like your music to fade away the pressures and monotony of daily life, check out the stunning official music video where you can see their deft skills in action.

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