Katie Kittermaster’s latest Pop single “One of a Kind” is a breath of fresh air for the airwaves

Katie Kittermaster

Pop singer-songwriter Katie Kittermaster is set to release her all too relatable single “One of a Kind” which pays ode to the bitter-sweet conflicting feelings which commonly follow heartbreak.

It’s far from your average lovelorn feat of Pop. It’s unashamedly honest, it’s accessible from the first hit, and quite honestly, Katie Kittermaster’s vocals are like a breath of fresh air for the airwaves.

Her magnetically down to earth vocal and lyrical style is perfectly paired with the unique tonal warmth offered by the funky, up-vibe guitar progressions in the stripped-back soundscape.

If there were more Pop songs in the mainstream like One of a Kind, plenty more people would be better equipped to navigate romantic relationships healthily.

One of a Kind will be released via Revanche Records, you’ll be able to check it out via Spotify from the date of the release.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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