Hopefully By Then: Justin Shalitis lets the stars above guide his path on ‘I’ll See You In A Million Years’

With a super mellow vibe that has you feeling his eloquent energy fields wrap all over your soul and featuring kind vocals that make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up, Justin Shalitis tells us the story of knowing where you need to be with his latest peacefully transfixing single named ‘I’ll See You In A Million Years‘.

Justin Shalitis is a thoughtful Canadian solo artist and music producer who proficiently blends in triphop, ambient, psychedelia and folk music into his tremendous soundscape, that is inspiringly clear from any social media distractions.

‘I’m inspired by the likes of Nick Cave, Neil Young, Leonard Cohen, Talking Heads, Can, Radiohead, The National, Massive Attack and Elliott Smith.” ~ Justin Shalitis

He sings with such a pacifying soul-healing style that takes you places you know are obstainable if you search hard enough. The beat is so gentle and sooths all previous worries away, as you start to imagine getting away from it all to find yourself again.

I’ll See You In A Million Years‘ from the Canadian indie solo artist and music producer Justin Shalitis, is a super chilled story about just letting everything you do be totally natural. In a world that is so full of that hustle and bustle which can quite easily burn out your precious soul into smithereens on the sun-drenched floor, this is a much-needed reminder to stay rooted where you belong in nature. As he deleted social media to regain his highly important mental health from the clutches of an endless pit which never stops, you might feel inspired to do the same too.

Hear this fresh new single on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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