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Toronto’s The Silk Demise stalk in with seductively haunting single ‘’Professor’s Lake’’

Wrapped in a promise, under stars. I set our feet as we melt in the dark.

Founded in 2006, this is the ultimately dark ambient electronic, trip-hop, and chillout music for the soul- to be enjoyed with the lights ideally off. 

The Silk Demise’ are highly influenced by trip-hop legends Massive Attack and Portishead and they expertly conjure their own smooth brand of the genre, relying on samples, synths, and melodic drones. Their music is a bit scary but enjoyable and this is a quality outfit.

Let’s enjoy this top act from Toronto, Canada and hope for more quality release while they create that one massive hit to propel them to the front of the queue. 

Stream more from ‘The Silk Demise’ here on YouTube.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Tali Leda has dropped her new single ‘Free Free’, a real chillout hit.

‘Free Free’ is a product of pop music and chillout lo-fi beats coming together, rolling around in a sensual and captivating melody that creates sweet and addictive harmonies you’d like to listen to ad libitum.

Partly recalling the likes of renowned British singer Sade’s vocals, Tali discovered that music was in her DNA after she learned that her birth mother was a singer and her father a pianist and bass player.

With her many songs being featured on TV shows and Indie films, Tali Leda classifies as an all-around artist who’ll find her way to a wonderful career.

You can listen to ‘Free Free’ for yourself on SoundCloud.

Review by Jim Esposito.

Arson (Prod by Highmanways) by Faustoe: TripHop to make your jaw drop!

It’s not often you hear a distinctive, clean voice that you could recognise anywhere but Faustoe is just such a talent. His tone is reminiscent of a young Luda but the flow is faster, harder, and he is lyrically succinct in a way that West Coast rappers excel. The HipHop audience is sophisticated and can spot a perpetrator from a mile a way, but Faustoe keeps it one hundred, rides the track effortlessly and presents his life through his art with authentic and well timed verbosity.

The production by Highmanways is clean and flawless. His beats are not at odds with Faustoe but rather there is a symbiotic relationship that makes for a match made in heaven. The musical hook is cultivated in such a way that it almost feels like a religious chant – reverent, hypnotic, and respectful of its place in the story. Damn, these guys can build a track and the finished product is legendary. ‘Arson’ by Faustoe pushes the boundaries like all great music should and will establish this artist as someone deserving of a seat at the head of table.

Have a listen to ‘Arson’ by Faustoe (Prod: Highmanways) here, on Soundcloud. Enjoy.

Review by Susan Harriott