Hip-Hop Artist YoungBoy$aint Releases Newest Single ‘Combo’

YoungBoy$aint, a South African based artist comes right hard at it this time with his infectious new single “Combo”. Featured in this all saucy and wavy track is another rapper, Tabloyd, who also hold down his part of the bargain in the song pretty tight like a rap gladiator.

After a successful 2017 for both artists, performing on the main stage at iPotsoyi Spring Festival alongside some of the biggest acts in the country such as Cassper Nyovest, AKA and Black Motion and headlining Black Bottle Sunday at the prominent Cape Town nightclub ‘The Bank’ the pair sure proved that they are ready to take it to the head with their newest creation.

There’s always this overwhelming feeling that comes with every African songs and the song “Combo” is not in any way missing those African music ingredient.

However, the beat of the song was switched up a little bit as it sounded quite different form the regular afro-sound you’d except to hear when you listen the song.  The beat is quite nice and well suited for the nature of the music.

Aside the special surprise with the music beat and sound; which aren’t bad in any way though, there are some other traits that up scaled this song… you can’t help but notice those adrenaline rush that pumps up every second this song plays, the smooth flow of the rap, the tight delivery which ultimately became the accelerator that ignited the smoking flame in the song, and also, that momentous amount of energy in the song.

It’s very hard to listen to this song and not fall in love with those “You ain’t ready for the Combo” line and of course with that double thunderous sound of “Prrrraaa-Prrrrra” which was infused at the bridge of the song.

Combo is a well-laid uptight song in the music genre of rap/ hip hop. The song was further christened with flames because of the blissful and smooth edged rap style of the artist.

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