DDLVee – 9000 Yolanda: Trap Style Beats Wrapped Around Grittily Raw Lyrics


I often feel that within the Hip Hop genre, there’s a lot of people using their music as a shouting arena, but not actually saying anything. DDLVee is an artist whose music has a lot to offer, he’s not just making music for the sake of it, to end up in music video’s clutching a bottle of Hennessey. His music is as real and as raw as it gets.  The instantly lovable Rapper wrote and recorded his latest single 9000 Yolanda whilst he was living out of his car, yet it has the production quality of a track that’s been put out by a multi-platinum recording artist. His trap style beats perfectly wrap around the gritty realness of his lyrics that really bring you back to earth with a bump. DDLVee deserves all the respect in the world for putting himself and his story out there in a genre so rife in grandiosity.

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Review by Amelia Vandergast

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