GPS – Freaky Dancers: Organically Engineered Hip Hop EDM

It becomes quite evident that some artists create music to appeal to the masses, and some compose tracks to express their own organic creative flow to lure in those who are less inclined to expose themselves to generic beats. It is my absolute pleasure to tell you that up and coming EDM Hip Hop artist GPS is the latter, his latest single Freaky Dancers (instrumental) stood as testament to this.

The dub-drenched single was released on August 13th, 2018 and is sure to be of appeal to fans of Dub, Hip Hop, Hard House and Dark Wave EDM. The pounding energy which is created by the kicks of the drum machines makes for a solid Hip Hop platform. Yet, it’s safe to say that the vocals and bars weren’t missed from Freaky Dancers. Standing alone, the digital instrumentals carried volatile, magnetic energy, you don’t realise how far you’ve sank into the track until the breakdown. It’s a bumpy aural ride.

You can check out GPS’s latest single Freaky Dancers for yourselves now by heading over to YouTube

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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