Lompy t – Beautiful Synth: Dimension Shifting Electro House

If an electronic house track can take you to a completely different dimension in the space 4 minutes, it’s safe to say the producer is going places. Explaining the intricate weaves and progression of Lompt t’s mix Beautiful Synth is no enviable task. The multi-layered beat finds resonance in every second of the high-vibe electrifying beat which bleeds pure euphoria.  Accompanying the beat is a soaring offering of female led vocals; to find vocals over a dance house mix that don’t grate on me is like finding a needle in a haystack, but with Beautiful Synth every level sat at the perfect pitch to offer you transcendental waves of pure synergised sound.

The amount of passion which Lompy t pours into each track is beyond palpable, it’s mixed in with the swathes of funk, groove and dizzying amount of melody all packed into the mix. With tracks such as Beautiful Synth I can’t see how Lompy t won’t soon be considered a staple for House DJ’s across the globe.

If you feel like getting hyped curtesy of some otherworldly Electro House you can check out Lompy t’s latest single which was released early 2018 on SoundCloud now.

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