The Delian Pool – Conductor, Please!: Synth-Infused Aural Punk Chaos

There’s a unique charm to the first single ‘Conductor, Please! to be released off the Delian Pool’s second album ‘Affectedly Yours’. But not in any gentrified sense, instead, from the moment that the friendly sonic synths have introduced the track, you get a ubiquitous sense that the Wirral-based duo actually had fun pouring their eccentricity into the soundscape. If that’s not the easiest way to make good vibes into your tracks, I don’t know what is. The production on the guitars is a little rough, but the Lo-Fi quality of the sound somehow manages to make the single ooze even more endearing magnetism.

Conductor, Please! is also as progressive as it is utterly insane, layers of orchestral strings contribute to the anthemic Garage Punk Rock guitars and the synth lines for the best serving of chaos you’ll have come across this year. It will certainly be a long time before I forget about the single!

You can check out the official video Delian Pool’s latest single Conductor, Please! for yourselves by heading over to YouTube now.

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Review by Amelia Vandergast

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