Ghost Town Cinema – Master of Puppets!

Ghost Town Cinema seems to sit at the crossroads of many different ideas. Seriousness and frivolity, pop infectiousness and indie melancholy, the real world and escape. Musically they make slick and sumptuous cinematic indie music but the video to Waste My Time also seems to take in strange Muppet capers and fantasy plots, all of which adds to their mercurial nature.

It is oddly commercial in a strangely underground sort of way but it is comforting to know that underneath that manufactured scene is a wealth of independent artists just waiting for the tables to turn, for their day in the sun, their quiet, peaceful and affable revolution. Imagine if that actually happened, that art rather than industry became the deciding factor, imagine if artists such as Ghost Town Cinema represented the new commercial sound. Wouldn’t that be something? We need to make that happen. We need to make that happen now!

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