Pop Music That Delivers Style And Substance..Imagine That?


Soulful R&B infuses its way into Hana Brooks latest indie-pop release Used To Be and the result is something which is sure to be a big hit with the clubland masses but has enough integrity to appeal to the more discerning pop pickers and indie movers and shakers alike. That’s a neat trick to be able to pull off, such a meeting of worlds, such a genre-splicing experiment, but she does it with effortless style.

Hana Brooks my be a young, modern artist but she is also a back to basics girl, she has figured out the key factors that make pop music so potent and used that knowledge to deliver perfect, state of the art, music of the moment, music with soul, passion, and a sensual and gently infectious quality. Sometimes the simplest of plans reap the greatest results and this approach of just getting the core ideas locked down so that the rest will follow, is working perfectly for her and I think Hana Brooks is a name which will soon be a fixture in the modern music landscape.

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