Getting rid of toxic energies: Oak Glen show us the way with the Electro-Pop whirlwind ‘Wasted Love’

The thunderous Electronic beginnings have you glued to your speakers right away, as the storm percolates outside. The swift move to lusciously laced vocals, gets you into the mood to make your own dance floor. The story of love that was once so hot and burning fire, has cooled down like a dip in the freezing ocean as your once steaming lips are blue- and so is your mood. Moscow based Alt-Electronica 3 Piece outfit Oak Glen drop their latest single ‘Wasted Love‘ from the fiery 5 track EP ‘Love Racer, and this is a supremely spectacular song that will make your heart beat way too fast.

With the lighter lit, her voice is so real and grabs you by the soul and doesn’t let go. The band are clearly tight, and their synergy is there for all to hear, this is an act that are ready for the big time. Each second of the song is made with such quality, and your head won’t stop bouncing along.

The love was so perfect and things were fun, this is the story of saying goodbye to that time in your life. Sadly, the spark has gone and the match won’t light again. Lead by the mysteriously exquisite exotic voice and creativity of front-woman Kate Neretina, these words of closure are so important for the troubled soul. To have the bravery to get away from something so toxic, is what so many of us need to hear. After all, its so easy to stay stuck in the hole, that leads nowhere but down.

Wasted Love‘ from Russia’s Oak Glen is a song that you will have to hear twice, in order to get all the intrinsic value out of the release. To be happy inside is way more important to your chakra force field, than to be with someone who sucks away at your good energy, and greedily takes away all your special soul with them.

Fire up your day with the new release on Spotify and see more on Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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